What Is The Twilight Of Adam On 'The Wilds'?

We NEED To Talk About That Cliffhanger In The Finale Of 'The Wilds'

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After finished The Wilds, there's a good chance you stared at the screen silently for a few seconds, totally floored by the finale cliffhanger. While the new Amazon Prime series provided plenty of twists and turns, the biggest one of the series was revealed in the last few seconds of Season 1. So, what is The Twilight Of Adam? The Wilds just may be even more shocking than viewers originally thought.

Warning: The Wilds Season 1 spoilers follow. The teen survival series, which dropped on Prime Video on Dec. 11, follows a group of teen girls who jet off on a "weekend retreat" gone horribly wrong. When their airplane crashes in the Pacific Ocean, the group finds themselves stranded on a deserted island, where they have to fight the elements, their demons, and (sometimes) each other to survive.

After weeks, it looks like the girls are finally rescued, but not before a whole bunch of plot twists make it clear this situation is majorly messed up. Not only were the girls stranded on the island on purpose, but the plane crash didn't actually happen. Even more messed up, one of the survivors — if not more of them — is actually in on the ruse. And when the girls are picked up from the island and held for mental and physical evaluation, it's all still part of the scheme to test and observe them.

The most mind-blowing revelation, however, comes to light at the very end of the final episode, when Leah (Sarah Pidgeon) comes across surveillance of The Twilight Of Adam.

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To recap, after Leah escapes her quarantine room at the "rescue" compound, she dodges capture and tries to find her way out. In the process, she ducks inside a room where a wall of screens greet her. Upon closer inspection, she notices a monitor with a group of boys on a beach, gathering wood and congregating around a fire. After glancing at the desk, she sees a folder that says "Control Group: The Twilight Of Adam" next to the Dawn Of Eve logo.

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Since the Dawn Of Eve is the name of the girls' retreat, it looks like The Twilight Of Adam is the male version of the experiment. It's unclear, however, when it takes place. Since it's labeled the control, there's reason to believe it happened before the girls' experiment. On the other hand, it appears Leah's seeing it play out live, which could mean the boys were stranded either at the same time as the girls, or even after the girls were rescued. Whichever way, it looks like there are more teens stuck on an island while Gretchen (Rachel Griffiths) plays puppet master.

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To echo Leah in the last line of Season 1: "What the f*ck?!" After a season of twists, it looks like the last one changes everything. Now there's more than one experiment and more than one group of teens imprisoned on an island against their will to keep track of. Here's hoping the series is renewed for a second season so fans can get some answers and dive back into the distorted world of The Wilds.

The Wilds is on Amazon Prime Video now.