People Are Kicking Off 2018 By Perfectly Timing Their Favorite Songs For Midnight

This year has put us through the ringer, but that doesn't mean we're losing hope for 2018. In fact, people are more than ready to kiss these past 12 months goodbye, and the latest Twitter trend proves it. These tweets about timing songs for New Year's Eve mean we're ready for all good things once the clock strikes midnight.

There are certain essentials for a NYE celebration: a cute dress, a little bubbly, and of course, some tunes. But partiers aren't just letting their Spotify lists play in the background of their get-together. A bunch of clever cleavers thought about their go-to song, its most memorable part, and how exactly said part can play at the stroke of midnight. People want to narrate their evenings as if they're living in a movie, and why not? This is the time to do it.

The brilliant idea started to make the rounds on social media, and people were ending their tweets with, "Start your 2018 off right." A myriad of suggestions poured in. No matter the genre, it seems there is a little something for everyone. If you, too, want to start your 2018 off right, it's time to get planning (the champagne jello shots can wait).

For those who love Lady Gaga, listen up.

If Fall Out Boy is your jam, you're in luck.

Sending a shout-out to my roommate Tricia who needs to participate in this.

Love 1D and co? Here's what to do.

If heavy metal is the key to your heart, Disturbed's the way to go.

Gotta get down with the sickness, you know?

Give Regina Spektor a whirl this NYE.

Miss Ariana Grande was featured in the viral tweets, too.

None of us can go wrong with a little Britney.

Even TV shows and movies are getting the "Start 2018 off right" treatment.

And naturally, since this is Twitter, this was of course an opportunity to throw politics into the mix.

What song will you use to ring in your first day of 2018? There's certainly a lot of pressure, and there's so much to choose from. Think wisely before making your selection because you'll have to wait a whole year before you can do it again. Have a sip of cocoa and put your thinking caps on, folks — time is of the essence.

While you're at it, it's also time to start planning your party, so let's return to those champagne jello shots. While you're watching movies with your best buds and taking in the final moments of 2017, you're going to need to snack on something, and these treats pretty much scream, "Happy New Year." Have a look at champagne Jello shot recipes and see what flavors and shapes suit your fancy (add a little strawberry if you're really anxious to get festive).

Aside from snacks, activities, and music, there is always man's best friend to make the occasion all the more enjoyable. Dogs are perhaps one of the greatest gifts we've been given, so to see them decked out in their party hats for NYE makes everything so, so worth it.

Take a look at these pups ringing in the New Year and try not to "aww."

If you weren't making New Year's plans, this will certainly inspire you to plan the perfect night.

There are many ways to welcome 2018 — songs, movies, snacks — but it's most important to share the moments with the ones you love (and those with four legs and a tail). Happy New Year, everyone!

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