10 Champagne Jello Shot Recipes For A Poppin' New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is all about toasting to the year we've had, and popping some champagne for the exciting year to come. If you're planning on celebrating at home with your friends, make sure you have all of the necessities for a totally lit party. That means it's key to have the champagne flowing if you're 21 and up. You can never have enough bubbly for the perfect New Year's Eve party, and there are definitely a lot of sweet treats you can make with champagne. For the most epic celebration, champagne Jello shot recipes are in order.

Spice up your Jello shots with the best bubbly around. This year is going out in style, so you need to stock up on the champagne for these 10 Jello shot recipes. They are super easy to make, so you don't even have to worry about working hard in the kitchen on the last day of the year.

There are also different ways to serve and decorate to make your shots as extra as they can possibly be. As the ball drops, your guests will be chanting, "Shots, shots, shots." I'll definitely be there in a Prosecco if you're serving champagne Jello shots, so here's a toast to one epic party, and a truly happy New Year!

Sprinkle It On
Delish on YouTube

These champagne shots have a splash of vodka in them as well for some added party fun. The colorful dash of sprinkles on top truly make these squares stand out from the rest. They're so pretty, you almost don't want to eat them — but we will.

Golden Jello Shots
Scrumptious on YouTube

These shots are regal AF. Have one, or help yourself to a few of these golden gems. Who cares? You're too glam to give a damn.

The golden sprinkles really class it up a notch in honor of this festive time of year. I give five gold stars to these shots.

Sparkly Jello Shots
Shared Food on YouTube

This tutorial adds gold sugar to the batch before refrigerating, so it sparkles inside. I also love the fun shape of these shots. If you have an ice tray with cool shapes, they will work perfectly for your shots — like this semi-circle tray on Etsy.

Make It Pink
FabulousandFancy on YouTube

You can make your shots a special color by using a flavored Jello pack. This recipe uses the peach flavor for pink Jello shots, and we're more than here for them. Don't forget the glittery sprinkles to top!

Glasses Of Champagne Jello Shots
Banature - 바나뚜레 on YouTube

This is a really cool idea. These champagne Jello shots look like real glasses of champagne. They're a lot bigger than your typical shots, so it's perfect for a smaller party if you're just having your squad over for New Year's Eve.

Strawberry Champagne Jello Shots
KarolinasKrafts on YouTube

This video has a few Jello shot recipes, but the champagne one spotlights a unique twist. You can add fresh strawberries to your mix, so that each shot has a strawberry in it. The end results look super Instagram-worthy.

Fruity Prosecco Jelly
Jamie Oliver - Drinks on YouTube

If you want to get extra fancy with your Jello shots, follow this fruity Prosecco recipe. It looks so cool with all of the berries trapped inside among the bubbles of the champagne. Serve them with whipped cream on the side for an added touch.

Heart-Shaped Jello Shots
TheSquishyMonster on YouTube

We definitely have heart eyes for these champagne Jello shots. Create the red color with fresh fruit juice added in the mix. You can also obtain the heart shape with a tray like this one on Etsy.

Sparkling Jello Shots
Stacie Billis on YouTube

These sparkling Jello shots can either be made with champagne or cider, so this is great news for anyone who's under 21. Make both, so all of your guests can get in on the fun. For those who are of the legal drinking age, these shots can also have a little St. Germain or gin in them for an added kick.

Mimosa Jello Shots
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

This idea is literally just like brunch in a Jello shot. These mimosa-flavored shots are so genius. Any brunch lover will go wild over these little guys.