An NBA Rookie Confused The Cheetah Girls With Destiny's Child, & I Feel Old

It's a little bit strange to think about how people born in the late '90s and early '00s have basically grown up to be full-functioning adults. Some of them are licensed to drive cars, others are chart-topping musicians, and a number of them are rising up to become star athletes. In fact, ESPN asked rookies from the NBA draft to name pop culture moments from the '90s, and it showed just how young the rookie players are. So, if you haven't perused these tweets about The Cheetah Girls and the NBA draft, they say everything you're thinking right now.

On Friday, June 21, ESPN tweeted a quality video featuring some of the NBA's 2019 rookies from the NBA Draft weekend. The segment was called "Name the '90s," and it required each rookie to identify various icons from the '90s. It included a number of staples from back in the day, from Sister Sister, to Good Burger, and — of course — Easy Bake Ovens. However, since a majority of these newbies were born after 1999, they were having a really hard time naming most of them. And, if you haven't already watched the video for yourself, definitely take a minute to do so. But, brace yourself — what you see may shock you.

For those who aren't well-versed in ~sportz~, Paul Jamaine "P. J." Washington Jr. is the rookie wearing the Charlotte Hornet's hat in the video. He was born in 1998, according to the NBA website, and he was the 12th overall draft pick by the Hornets in this year's draft. Basketball talents aside, Washington Jr. was less comfortable naming a super popular music group from the '90s. Upon seeing a photo of the legendary pop sensation Destiny's Child, he guessed it was... The Cheetah Girls. (Actually, his exact guess was, "The Cheetah Girls or somethin'...") Ya know, the music group that came from the identically named 2003 Disney Channel Original Movie, The Cheetah Girls. IDK about you, but I'm about to "Lose My Breath" right now. To be fair, his fellow rookies also had a hard time naming the group that gave us all Queen Bey, so I guess the new Hornet shouldn't feel too bad.

Obviously, people on Twitter were shocked that Washington mistook the "Bootilicious" '90s kweens for Disney Channel's Cheetah Girls, so take a second to check out their surprised reactions.


This is a PSA for all of my fellow millennials: your reactions are so valid. Queen Bey, Kelly, and Michelle would be absolutely astonished to hear about the fact that Washington Jr. can't "Say [their] Name[s]."

In addition to being unable to identify Destiny's Child, the Twitterverse was also fired up about the fact that many of these rookies were unable to identify OutKast. Does "Hey Ya!" not play at every single school dance anymore? Do people not send the salty AF lyrics from "Roses" to their exes? Nobody is OK with this right now, and in all seriousness, I feel so darn old.

Oof, I will definitely need a second to process all of this. Could someone bring me a Lisa Frank coloring book right now, or maybe some chocolate hazelnut Dunkaroos? I need to feel young again.

OK, here's the bottom line: The NBA rookies are really young right now, and, more importantly, I'm getting super old. Oh, also, a note for any Gen Z readers: mistaking The Cheetah Girls for Destiny's Child is a major party foul. Beyoncé would be so disappointed.