Twitter Is So Here For Shawn Mendes' Calvin Klein Ads That Are The Best Thirst Traps You'll Ever See

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you know me at all, you're most likely well aware of my love for all things "hot". I will gladly douse my food in a hefty helping of habanero hot sauce, and I am more than happy to sit in the sweltering summer sun to bake all day long. However, if you haven't already taken a look at these tweets about Shawn Mendes' Calvin Klein underwear ads, it shows that literally nobody out there — myself included — can manage this unyielding heat. I can't believe I'm saying this, but these photos are way too hot for even me to handle.

OK, for all of you severely unlucky rascals who haven't already seen the latest Calvin Klein ads starring Canadian singer Shawn Mendes, hold the fluff up. The "Treat You Better" singer's hair, his face, his body — everything — looks absolutely flawless, and TBH, he's wearing the heck out of those Calvins. The right words simply cannot describe how gorgeous the singer-songwriter is, so make sure to take a look at the photos for yourself. Oh, and if you're at work right now, I strongly recommend giving yourself a little privacy. Susan from accounting seriously cannot interrupt this sensual moment for you.

It's a lot (in the best way), right? Well, that's not even all of it. In his tweets with the photos on Feb. 16, Mendes shared, "Campaign coming this week." So, um... you probably have more Calvin-tastic photos of Mendes to look forward to so soon.

OK, yeah. All I can really say right now is, "I told you so." Resembling a model, athlete, and gorgeous angel from above all in the two photos that have been released thus far, the pop singer almost looks too good, if you know what I mean (aka he might be a robot, but that's an investigation for another day).

Anyway, as you could probably imagine, Twitter is going absolutely wild for Mendes' latest ~lewk.~ This photo shoot might actually be one of the greatest things to happen in 2019 so far, as one shrewd Twitter user pointed out. And if you ask me, it seems as though the entire Twitterverse agrees. My heart, soul, and ovaries (sorry, TMI) are absolutely thrilled right now.

I warned y'all beforehand — nobody on this wild freakin' planet can deny that Mendes truly defines "international treasure." I don't think my weak heart can take much more of this, so I may just have to look away for a bit.

This sensuous photo series may leave you wondering if Mendes is single right now, and as of August 2018, he was reportedly "very single." Rumors about Mendes and Hailey Baldwin started flyin' when the two stepped on the red carpet together at the 2018 Met Gala last May, though, and everyone cried, "COUPLE!" However, not long after that, photos started surfacing of Baldwin and the Biebs making out (and also crying) together throughout New York City. And by July 2018, Bieber and Baldwin were engaged (and now they're happily married), so clearly nothing came of them, which is great news for Mendes stans everywhere. Who knows, maybe one of you Calvin Klein ad admirers might actually have a chance with Mendes, so start writing those love letters (or sliding into his DMs). If nothing comes of your valiant efforts, though, you can always circle back to these Calvin Klein ads or any one of Mendes' mind-blowing live performances as a consolation prize.

Mendes looking hot isn't news (it's a regular occurrence, really), but these photos are most definitely groundbreaking. If this hasn't totally changed your life for the better, I'm sorry, but I really don't think we can be friends.