It's Logan Paul's Brother's Birthday & Twitter Is Showering Him With Love

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Teeny-bopper pop culture icons, brothers Logan and Jake Paul, are living totally opposite lives right now. Logan, a (now formerly) popular YouTube star, recently started an immense controversy for inconsiderately posting a video of an apparent dead body in Japan's so-called suicide forest, ultimately leading to a long-awaited social media hiatus. His brother Jake, on the other hand, a former Disney actor and also a YouTube star, wasn't involved with the controversial video, and is celebrating his birthday on Jan. 17. Upon receiving endless positive and heartfelt b-day messages, the tweets about Jake Paul's birthday are way nicer than the tweets about his brother, and the contrast is pretty funny.

And in spite of Logan's recent major popularity plummet (which might honestly be a huge understatement), his bro, Jake, is still mostly well-liked in the eyes of his internet-savvy young adult fans. Upon celebrating his widely-anticipated 21st b-day on Jan. 17, the Twitterverse is currently sending ample amounts of well-wishes in his direction, probably more than Logan will be receive on his special day. Since Jake wasn't at all involved in Logan's suicide forest video, most of Twitter is still on his side. And many of his fans stuck around to wish him a very happy birthday, disregarding his brother's extremely poor choices.

In contrast, after Logan posted his suicide forest video, he received an unsurprising copious amount of angry and extremely hateful messages from fans and from the media. The drama all started on Dec. 31, 2017, when the (now) infamous YouTuber, posted his highly-problematic video on YouTube, which featured him and his crew wandering through Japan's Aokigahara forest by Mount Fuji, which is more widely known as Japan’s “suicide forest.” After walking for a bit, Logan's crew unsurprisingly came across an apparent dead body hanging from a tree, and he yelled inappropriately goofy things, such as: "Yo dude! Are you f*cking with us?" After making many jokes and maintaining his goofy temperament, the video with the tell-all title, "We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest..." has since been deleted from the internet upon receiving rightfully intense and horrified backlash.

In response to the negative backlash, Logan tweeted two kind of mediocre apologies — one was a text post, and the other in the form of what he undoubtedly knows best... a vlog. And although his desperate pleas for forgiveness could have been constituted as somewhat authentic and genuine, his fans, as well as basically all of Twitter, was honestly and truly just. not. having. it, so he embarked on a well-deserved social media absence.

While Logan was probably expecting positive responses from his tearful goodbye, in the form of sympathy and forgiveness, most of us were just kind of like "byeeeee."

Although most of Twitter is happy to celebrate Jake's birthday with positive shout-outs, nobody, except the Paul brothers' dad, Greg Paul, is really supporting Logan RN. Backing up Logan's poor decisions, his dad expectedly gave him the easy way out, plainly stating, "we screw up." Although it's true, everyone does, in fact, screw up, Logan didn't just make a small, thoughtless mistake, considering the fact that Logan is a major media influence. Unfortunately, in the same statement, Greg insinuated that Logan would definitely go back into making videos. So, goodbye, sanity, and hello more internet vlog drama.

While many of us are super unhappy with Logan Paul's inconsiderate actions, the contrast between Twitter's thoughts on him, versus birthday wishes for his brother, Jake Paul, are pretty laughable (and kind of what we're all thinking). And although their father is still (somehow) in support of Logan's vlogging, I'm pretty sure most of us maintain the same outlook, which is: maybe try out accounting.

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