This Video Of Logan Paul In Japan Proves He Was Even More Disrespectful Than You Thought

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Just when we thought we were finally safe from 22-year-old vlogger Logan Paul, he's back in our timelines once again. On Jan. 5, We The Unicorns' Twitter account posted Logan Paul's Japan vlog compilation, which is essentially a series of clips that shows many instances of Paul disrespecting the people of Japan.

Paul has appeared in Twitter's "Moments" feed nearly every single day this week, and each instance is more "yikes" than the last. First, he posted a vlog of himself and his friends discovering an apparent suicide victim in Japan's suicide forest. Then, he posted not one, but two lackluster apologies for the insensitive content (one of which he profited from). Then he announced that he would be taking a break from vlogging. But although he's stepped away from the internet, the internet isn't done with him.

It is unclear who created the supercut, which was shared on Friday, Jan. 5, and already has 2.35 million views. It opens with a clip of Paul saying, "I just gotta be careful to not, like, disrespect the culture. Japan is all about respect." These two phrases are interspersed among a collection of clips of Paul both outwardly and subtly mocking the Japanese culture and people. At best, it's obnoxious. At worst, it's borderline racist.

Paul states that, "Tokyo is like a real-life cartoon," which is probably why he feels as though he can behave this way.

In one clip, he's seen purchasing a Gameboy Color, destroying it in the street, and then bringing it back to the vendor and complaining of a "malfunction" — or, as he confusingly calls it, "mucho broken-o." Paul seems to have mixed up his microaggressions, but maintains his disrespect for the people of Japan nonetheless.

In the next series of clips, he wears a Pikachu costume and runs around throwing a stuffed Pokeball at unsuspecting vehicles and citizens, including a police officer. Not only is this incredibly rude, but it's also dehumanizing.

In addition to this incivility, Paul also jumps onto the back of moving vehicles, terrorizes people with whole, raw fish purchased from a market, and shoves his camera in the faces of unsuspecting people in cars and on the street. As We The Unicorns pointed out, it's clear that beyond his vlog from the forest, Paul's trip to Japan was problematic for many reasons. However, we aren't sure when these video clips of him in Japan were actually taken.

One person who was particularly disappointed in the clips was Chrissy Teigen. Teigen faced backlash from a number of Twitter users on Jan. 2 for seemingly defending Paul at the height of the criticism he was facing for his original suicide forest video.

She compared the backlash Paul was facing to the "pizzagate" conspiracy, which falsely linked a number of celebrities to pedophilia, including Teigen herself.

She clarified that she found Paul's original video to be "sick and stupid," but also noted that "a lot of you don’t know what it’s like to have a campaign to end your entire being."

However, upon the release of this supercut, Teigen appears to have had a change of heart. Three hours after the video was posted, Teigen quote-tweeted it with the caption, "talk about the WRONG F*CKING HILL TO DIE ON."

She went on to say that by defending Paul, she was "trying to [get us to] be kind, forgiving people," and that she "had good intentions," but admitted that she was wrong.

Paul has recently taken a step back from social media. On Thursday, Jan. 4, he tweeted, "Taking time to reflect. No vlog for now. See you soon."

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