ARMY Twitter Has So Many Theories About BTS' "Lights" Video

Who is doing it like BTS? Answer: no one. There's seriously a lot of things happening with BTS right now and I'll try my best to give you a quick recap. Let's see, there's the group's BTS World mobile game, which has ARMYs in shambles as they act as the group's managers. Then there's the BTS World: Original Soundtrack, which came with singles like "Dream Glow," "A Brand New Day," and "All Night." And then there's the group's new Japanese single, "Lights," which literally just came out. The track is from the group's new Lights/Boy With Luv single album, which will be available physically in the U.S. and U.K. on July 5. Of course, since it is BTS, the song is amazing and the music video is equally as great, as it explains the meaning of the song's message. These tweets about BTS' "Lights" music video show just how much the ARMY loves it because they've already made some interesting theories about it.

BTS released the first teaser for their "Lights" music video on June 20. Fans were not expecting it at all since, at the time, all they were expecting was a new sub-unit track from RM and Suga on June 21 (which later turned out to be a collaboration with Juice WRLD for "All Night"). Needless to say, the ARMY was extremely excited to watch the teaser, and right after it came out, they started developing theories about the video's storyline — all from a clip that was only 36 seconds long. But that's just the BTS ARMY, for ya! Always cooking up theories for anything remotely related to BTS.

Now the music video is here in all its glory. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, you can watch it below.

If the BTS ARMY had a lot to say from just a 36-second-long teaser, you can imagine what they're saying now after watching the whole music video. Yup, the ARMY has been tweeting about the video non-stop and rightfully so. I mean, I haven't stopped thinking about the video since it came out, either.

Here's what fans took away from the music video:

Honestly, relatable. I've been a puddle of tears since the video came out because it's just so darn perfect. And these theories are really making me think about what the video means for the future of BTS Universe (if anything).

Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, V, RM, Jin, and Suga look absolutely gorgeous (to no one's surprise) and the video is just so aesthetically pleasing. I mean, did you see that shot of the guys lying down looking up at the lights? Beautiful.


The group's last Japanese music video came out in November 2018. It was for BTS' song "Airplane pt. 2," which was originally released in Korean in May 2018. Unlike the music video for "Lights," which had more of a storyline, the music video for "Airplane pt. 2" focused more on the song's choreography. The video showed BTS dancing around a bar, and ended with them dancing in the rain. *Cue screams from fans*

All of BTS' music videos are super interesting, regardless of what language they're in. I think it's safe to say that BTS are music video kings, amirite?