These Tweets About "Bleeding Love" Will Make You Relive Your Middle School Heartbreak


I remember the first time I heard Leona Lewis' song "Bleeding Love." I was in eighth grade being driven to school by my mom in the morning when it came on my favorite radio station, Z 95.7. I had just broken up with my first boyfriend, and I truly felt like no song had ever spoken to my soul quite like this one did. Now, 11 years later, these people's tweets about "Bleeding Love" prove that we are still not over what that beautiful ballad did to our young and fragile hearts.

To be honest, I hadn't given too much thought to that song in my adult life, until a friend of mine posted a tweet about it a couple of years ago and it made its way back into my conscious. Basically, my friend Matt posted a checklist, with the options being "Single," "Taken," and "still recovering from what Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love did to my emotions in 2008." You can guess which box was checked. At the time, I was still single (I had stayed that way since that one fateful breakup in 2007), and I just couldn't help but wonder: Forget my commitment issues and propensity toward partying. Could THIS be why I've been single so long? Maybe Leona Lewis is responsible for my fear of heartbreak? You know what? Forget the maybe, she IS responsible.

Now, almost three years later, Twitter user @AaeMae has resurfaced Matt's thought with her own tweet, captioned:

She followed that up with pretty much the most perfect GIF I've ever seen in my life.

Remember those feelings I had after reading Matt's tweet? Well, almost everyone on Twitter has been inspired to take a similar trip down memory lane following @AaeMae's post.

First, user @kenzie_sucks wrote out the exact scene of most people's first experience with the song, and it is way too accurate:

This woman with no prior experience with heartbreak when the song came out was still devastated by the song.

Other then-8-year-olds were feeling that same whirlwind of emotions.

It defined major eras of a lot of people's lives.

This is exactly how we all looked when we bumped it on our iPod Nanos.

This is one of those songs where you have to scream the lyrics.

Simply put, it's a banger.

If, for some unfathomable reason, you seemed to miss the worldwide sensation that was Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love," let me give you a little refresher. It starts out with this intro that immediately grabs your attention with the all-too-familiar story of falling in love all over again after you've been hurt:

Leona found a love that managed to thaw her frozen heart, and despite the haters trying to keep them apart, she sings:

It's a song about falling in love and pushing through the pain to experience that joy again, even though you know it could hurt you. What more could you ask for?

leonalewisVEVO on YouTube

Cheers to the best song ever written in the history of mankind.

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