Women Reveal How You'll Know A Relationship Is Actually Going Really Well

by Candice Jalili

Even in the best relationships, it's easy to fall into the trap of feeling insecure about a ton of things. Could something this great really last forever? Do I even want it to last forever? Does my partner love me as much as I love them? Am I too comfortable? Am I not comfortable enough? Where is this going? Most importantly, is my relationship OK? Well, it seems like a lot of other people wonder the same thing regarding that last question.

A recent Reddit thread asked women about the signs that tell them a relationship is on the right track. Read along through their responses and learn how these women knew that their own relationships were going super well.

You are happy to be in your relationship, and so is your partner.

Everyone involved in the relationship is happy about being involved in the relationship.


There is no sense of uncertainty.

it feels safe and sure. you don't have to wonder if it's going well or where you stand with the other person.


You don't have to worry about whether or not it's working.

For me, it’s the fact that I don’t have to think about it. The moment I start worrying about whether a relationship is working I know that I’m feeling that something is missing or that an issue is arising. These can sometimes be worked on, as all relationships have there moments. If I feel that we are working well as a team, I can communicate with them efficiently and I don’t need to have that worry about our ability to function. It’s going well!


Your happiness in the relationship comes easily.

That it feels effortless


You both put in an equal amount of effort.

We're both happy and it's easy being together. We both put in an equal amount of effort and there is a lot of mutual respect. We still have tons of sex (when I don't want that anymore I know something is up).


Communication comes naturally to you.

You can talk to each other. I hear about so many relationships where it seems like there's no communication.
I've never been wary to say anything to my boyfriend, no matter what. We have yet to have a fight, after a year and a half together.


You don't have to second guess how your partner feels.

Not wondering why they’re into you. I think that question comes up when there isn’t much compatibility.


The two of you can laugh together.

Laughter. I feel like if you can laugh at each other and with eachother, you're over that awkward, insecure stage of walking on egg shells to make sure you don't upset or offend the other.


One fight doesn't signal the end.

You fight. But when the fight is over, it’s over. No one gives each other the silent treatment or keeps bringing it up. Also, the fight is the two of you against an issue. Not you vs them.


The thought of being with this person forever doesn't scare you.

You're not in fear of the future. When I was with my ex, my future felt so limited and I was always in fear of being trapped with children with him. You shouldn't be with someone who makes you feel that way.


You're not actively looking for reassurance.

When you don't have to look for signs that it's going well. You just live, have fun and feel free.


Your SO makes you feel totally supported.

When you don't argue about the smallest things and you want to build a future with your SO. Also if your SO makes you feel like you can conquer anything is another good sign


You are fine spending time without each other.

When you don't have to do EVERYTHING together. You both still have your own identities and interests.


You feel totally calm and confident when it comes to your relationship.

You don’t become anxious about when you’ll see them again or worry about what they are doing while you are gone. It’s a certain level of peace that once achieved really solidifies that things are going well


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