21 Things Only People With Commitment Issues Can Relate To In Love And Life


If you struggle with commitment issues on the reg, know you're not alone.

It doesn't matter whether someone broke your heart or you're just not about putting a label on a relationship; all of us have most likely dealt with commitment struggles in one way or another.

Commitment can seem irrevocably confining if you're a free spirit. It's an all-consuming fear, and you just can't seem to shake it... no matter how hard you try.


Sometimes, you believe you're better off flying solo and just doing you for a while. You don't want to hurt anyone with your commitment issues, and YOU don't want to get hurt by them either.

Here are 21 things only people with commitment issues in love and life can relate to:

1. You're not about that relationship “label” life.

2. You get scared when a guy starts to get too close, too soon.

3. Talking about the future freaks you out.

4. You're all about spontaneous plans and living in the moment.

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5. You're a serial dater.

6. You fear introducing the guy you're dating to your family and friends because you don't think it will last.

7. You like being independent, and you don't want anyone else to define you.

8. You're not a fan of change. You're content with your life exactly how it is.

9. You're all about the chase, but you begin to lose interest once the high wears off.

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10. You've gotten your heart broken in the past, and you don't want history to repeat itself.

11. You can never make a solid plan.

12. You're attracted to the players because you're a bit of a player yourself.

13. You crave what you can't have.

14. You get stressed out over the smallest things.

15. You have an empty planner sitting on your desk... and it will stay that way.

16. You're passionate about traveling: You like to move from place to place.

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17. You're extremely skeptical about the idea of “the one.”

18. You tell yourself you'll go to the gym this week, but end up getting ice cream or going out for drinks instead.

19. You build up an emotional wall, and you rarely let anyone in.

20. You have difficulty opening up.

21. You don't trust people easily.

Sometimes, all you feel like doing is running away from a plan you're not into, or from the guy you're dating who's way more invested in your relationship than you are.

Wherever commitment goes, stress never follows far behind. At least, that's how it is in your book.