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Surprise The Scorpio In Your Life With These Cool Birthday Boo Baskets

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Scorpio season has arrived! There is so much to look forward to in autumn, and one thing you can't wait to celebrate is your bestie's birthday. You love your Scorpio partner in crime, and one way to make sure they feel all the love is by surprising them with one of these creative Scorpio boo basket ideas. No one loves Halloween as much as a Scorpio, so they'll absolutely love a spooktacular gift.

Coming up with just the right content is the hardest part. You could always put together a boo basket filled with their fave Halloween candy, wine, fall soaps, and lip balm. Anything Scorpio-themed, such as stud earrings, a baseball cap, or cozy sweatshirt for chilly fall days will certainly be a touchdown in their heart. Keep their astrological personality in mind, though.

Those who are born between Oct. 23 and Nov. 21 may enjoy dark and mysterious surprises, as Pluto and Mars are their ruling planets. Consider a witchy caldron complete with tarot cards, crystals, and candles. Channel their zodiac's aura, and give them a color-coordinated basket that's vibrant AF. Just don't forget to include a cute birthday card in any of these Scorpio boo basket ideas to make sure your friend knows just how much you care.

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The "Coven 101" Basket

Allow your friend to tap into their witchy side with a magical basket. For beginning witches, include an Insta-worthy tarot deck ($45,, an amethyst crystal ($15,, and a mini magic spell candle ($7, You'll also want to add some dark lipstick ($18, to inspire a Wednesday Addams vibe.

The "Proud To Be A Scorpio" Basket

If your friend enjoys posting Scorpio memes in their Insta story and loves sharing their Co-Star notifications with you, you might want to surprise them with a boo basket they can be proud of. It should include some cute Scorpio items like constellation studs ($32,, a cozy sweatshirt ($28,, and funny pencils ($10,

For a more personalized basket, include a birthdate candle ($38, with a scent for people born on their exact birthday, or a birthdate book ($75, with a map of the exact moment they were born.

The "Bad And Boo-zy" Basket

Call all spirits by making a boo-zy basket to bring the season some cheer. If your friend is 21 or up, treat them to a bottle of their fave liquor like El Silencio mezcal ($35, or Patron tequila ($37, Make sure to add a festive glass ($12, to drink from, and cool cocktail stirrers ($20,

The "Pampering In A Pinch" Basket

Your friend's birthday can be a stressful time while they're planning celebrations and answering oh-so-many birthday texts. For some instant relief, why not put together a calming basket complete with a lavender candle ($16,, lavender power mist ($12, that'll hydrate your hands with aloe vera, and roll-on essential oils ($10, Add in a cute Scorpio journal for writing down dreams and daily wins.

The "Indigo Aura" Basket

Every zodiac sign has an aura, and Scorpio's is indigo. It's a shade between blue and violet, which makes a dreamy blue-purple-coordinated basket a solid choice. Have fun with this theme and include things your bestie loves like lipstick ($18,, a cute kerchief ($34,, and a candle ($16, all in that indigo shade. Be sure to wrap it with picture-perfect indigo wrapping paper ($8,

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