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Every Astrology Lover Will Be Starry-Eyed Over These Zodiac Boo Basket Ideas

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The stars aligned just right the day you met your bestie, because you're inseparable. You love each other just as much as you love texting each other your Co-Star notifications every day. That's why you need some zodiac boo basket ideas to send your astrology-loving BFF this season. You don't really need a reason to treat your friend to something sweet, but boo baskets are so fun to put together.

Get creative with your basket full of goodies by deciding on a theme that matches your friend's interests. Since you share a love of all things related to astrology, it makes perfect that you'd send them any of these seven zodiac-themed boo basket ideas. You'll notice they're more than just a generic basket based on their sign, because it's all about getting those extra creativity points.

If your friend wants to dig a little deeper into their readings, get them a book all about their sign and some Insta-worthy tarot cards. For signs that like to stay home and get cozy, put together a special at-home zodiac basket filled with candles and cozy throw pillows. On the flip side, if they've got an adventurous sign, you might want to put together a basket meant to inspire them to embrace new things. Since you're so good at reading your friend, you'll know just which idea will have them starry-eyed with delight.

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The "Loving My Sign" Basket

Your friend is proud and confident with who they are, and they love any opportunity to show it. Put together a goodie basket filled with nods to their zodiac sign, such as gorgeous stud earrings ($32, or a zodiac candle ($23, with a surprise ring inside.

You might even want to give a nod to a certain celebrity who shares your BFF's signs. If so, get a Beyoncé sweatshirt ($39, for your Virgo friend or a Britney Spears enamel pin ($15, for your Sagittarius sister.

The "Radiate Your Aura" Basket

Every zodiac sign has an aura color to match, so it might be fun putting together a color-coordinated basket. For example, your Gemini friend may appreciate a fun and vibrant yellow earbud case ($10,, and your Cancer friend might like a rose quartz roller ($14, Find a lipstick ($13, in your friend's aura color, and put it all together in a colorful pouch ($48,

The "Staying On Top Of Your Horoscope" Basket

Keep your bestie on top of their daily horoscope by gifting them fun, everyday products. Each morning, they can enjoy zodiac sign coffee ($16, with a mug that's totally on theme ($24, while reading their Co-Star notification. A bottle of zodiac sign sanitizer ($12, might come in handy as well.

The "Reading The Stars" Basket

If your friend wants to go beyond just horoscopes, you might want to put together a basket that allows them to read the stars even further. Get them a book based on their sign ($12, and some tea to read the leaves ($17, If they've been waiting for someone to gift them their tarot deck, now's your chance to give them these beautiful, Insta-worthy cards ($22,

The "Cozy At Home" Basket

Some signs just love to get cozy at home, so give your friend a relaxing boo basket that reflects that. Be sure to include a birthdate candle ($38, that's unique to them, a zodiac bath bomb ($17,, and a personalized throw pillow ($35, If you want to really treat them to something sweet, include a box of zodiac chocolate ($32,

The "Compatibility Queen" Basket

Put together a flirty and fun basket for your friend who's always looking up astrological compatibilities. Include some essential oils ($13,, a love candle ($23,, and a flirty notebook ($27, for jotting down their #feels.

The "Feelin' Inspired To Try Something New" Basket

This one's for the adventurous signs. Gift your friend who's all about new experiences a DIY mochi ice cream kit ($32,, cute new pens $3, for their travel journal, and a vibrant tank top ($40, for checking out new hiking trails. Add a candle ($24, on top of all those goodies that smells like a road trip to Portland, so they can fulfill their wanderlust even when they're at home.

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