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These "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" Boo Basket Ideas Pop The Question In A Fun Way

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You can't wait to share an exciting, new chapter in your love story with your crew, so it's time you pop the question with these boo basket ideas for bridesmaids. Many brides-to-be are getting creative with how they ask their friends to join their bride squad. A basket filled with personalized goodies is a super fun and festive way to do exactly that.

The first step in putting together your bridesmaid boo baskets is coming up with a unique theme. It should be something that fits your wedding vibes like a "getaway" basket for a destination wedding or something "happily ever after" for a Disney lover. These are just seven bridesmaid boo basket ideas you can choose from, but you can always tweak them to make them more specific to you.

Once you've got the theme picked out, the assembling can begin. Treat your bridesmaids to fun candles, emergency lip gloss, and mini bottles of wine to celebrate the exciting news. Don't forget a personal note to ask the big question, and you're all set. They'll be so happy with their boo baskets that they'll say "yes" as quickly as you did to your SO.

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The "Popping Bottles And Questions" Basket

Since you're popping the question, it's time to start popping bottles. Put together a boo basket that's on theme. Include a mini bottle of Prosecco ($5,, a bag of popcorn ($20 for a 24-pack,, a Ring Pop ($7,, and a Rosepop ($28, Ditch the card with this theme, and instead ask your question with a confetti popper ($3,

The "Pamper Party" Basket

Treat your friends to a pamper kit to prepare them for all the fun bridesmaid festivities to come. Make it like a full spa day in one basket with sheet masks ($15,, a body oil spa kit ($52,, and a few herbal tea bags ($8, for cozy sipping. For something extra fun, get your friend a DIY candle kit ($22, that they can make at home and enjoy as they kick back and relax.

The "Wedding Day Survival Kit" Basket

Make sure your bridesmaids have everything they need for the big day with a survival kit boo basket. Get them a cute tumbler for coffee ($11, while getting ready, emergency lip gloss ($15,, and some hair ties ($2, that will do the asking for you in a punny way.

Be sure to include an Insta-worthy bottle of wine ($96 for a 12-pack, With this mixed pack, you can give them each a set or split them up amongst the crew.

The "'Bridesmaids' Ready To Partyyy" Basket

Take a cue from the movie Bridesmaids, and put together a basket for the Annie to your Lillian. Since you'll probably be quoting the movie a lot, get everyone a movie tee ($13, with a funny saying on each. Then, be inspired by the bridal shower Helen planned, and mix in some delicious cookies ($30, and an Eiffel Tower keychain ($7,

The "Let's Get Away" Basket

If you're planning a destination wedding, prepare your besties with these fun travel-themed goodies. They'll need cute luggage tags ($12 for a set of three,, a travel planner ($30,, and some colorful soda ($35 for a 12-pack, You can even include a candle ($40, that smells like your chosen destination.

The "Happily Ever After" Basket

Disney lovers will find a "happily ever after"-themed boo basket incredibly dreamy. All you need is some faith, trust, and a little bit of pixie dust — aka body glitter ($15, Your fairytale won't be complete without Disney princess-inspired wine glasses ($16,, a Cinderella candle ($19,, and an Up-themed card that is just too cute.

The "Besties Forever" Basket

For the BFF who truly has been your bestie forever, you need an ultimate friendship boo basket. It should have a friendship bracelet kit ($22, like the ones you made together growing up, a cocktail kit ($33, that'll remind them of Sunday brunch, and a mini photo album ($19, filled with your fave snaps together. For a real throwback, turn your question into a cootie catcher ($4, that will instantly bring back tons of memories.