Zac Efron at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Zac Efron Got A Mullet & TBH, It Really Works For Him

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Mullets are officially taking over 2020. The vintage haircut has made a fashionably modern comeback this year, so much so that even Troy Bolton himself is rocking one. Yep, you read that right — new photos of Zac Efron's mullet show off his unexpected new haircut.

The actor is in Australia spending time with his girlfriend, Vanessa Valladare, and the country's incredibly low COVID-19 rate means that he was able to easily step out for a retro makeover. So he got his hair done at Attaboy Barbers in Kent Town, Australia earlier this week, and the salon shared pics in a Dec. 18 Instagram post.

"@zacefron dropped into @attaboy_hair Kent Town for a tidy up today, so we gave him a mullet," the account wrote in the caption, including pictures of Efron smiling with the crew in his new 'do. And, as it turned out, he was also willing to flex his own barber skills during the visit.

"He also gave the boss man, Robby, a trim - and made him feel 17 again," Attaboy Barbers added, referencing the star's 200 film. Indeed, the final picture shows him helping cut the salon owner's own hair.

The salon's employees seem to have nothing but good things to say about the actor, telling BuzzFeed, "He couldn't of been more a humble, down to earth guy. It was organized with his personal trainer for him and Zac to pop in on his way to the airport. We're known for this hair style in South Australia and we were surprised when Zac mentioned that he wanted to keep the back long. Luke explained the mullet concept and he was all about it! He gave him the option of cutting it off if he didn't rate it - but was happy to rock the iconic style.

There you have it, folks. And to be totally honest, Efron getting a mullet is far from the wildest thing to happen this year. It's not even particularly surprising given the actor's recent history of switching up his hair looks — in the past few years, he's also had bleach-blonde hair and some rightfully controversial dreadlocks.

Plus, in 2020 alone, other celebrities like Rihanna and Maisie Williams have also sported mullets. Live your best Australian life, Zac!