Gigi Hadid's Star-Studded Birthday Party Was A Mini Girl Squad Reunion, Including TSwift

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When I die, I'd like to come back as a Hadid sister. Sure, sure, in theory, everyone has problems and being wildly successful and famous doesn't make them go away, but Gigi Hadid sure makes it look like they do. The social supermodel just celebrated her 24th birthday in total style and her guest list was ripe with some of your favs. These photos of Gigi Hadid's birthday party feature a few famous faces you might recognize from the glory "girl squad" days, including Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld. My personal favorite detail is that Hadid themed her B-day soiree "denim."

Man. Being famous is weird, isn't it?

Hadid's real birthday is April 24, but she threw her party the night before on Monday, April 23, at L'Avenue at Saks. Her famous sister Bella, little brother Anwar, big half-sister Alana, former supermodel mom Yolanda, and famous-for-being-rich dad Mohamed were all in attendance, which, in and of itself, makes for a pretty stellar party. Sprinkle in a few other starlets, models, and celebrities, and you've got yourself one hell of a party. Other names gracing the guest list included: Taylor Swift, Olivia Culpo, Marc Jacobs, Ashley Graham, Hailee Steinfeld, and celeb hairstylist Laura Polko, just to name a few.

If you're like me, you immediately pieced together a part of the OG girl squad. Gigi and Steinfeld were two of the women to pop up in Taylor Swift's army in her music video for "Bad Blood," so it's always fun to see them back together. Swift even shared one photo booth pic on her Instagram stories with her arms wrapped around Steinfeld and Hadid along with friends Martha Hunt and Abigail Anderson. She captioned it, "I love you so much Gigi. Happy birthday!"

Instagram/Taylor Swift

One source told E! news the party was a total hit. "Mohamed and Yolanda brought out a cake in the shape of a '24' for Gigi and the entire room sang happy birthday to her," they explained. "Everyone was drinking champagne and tequila and cheersed Gigi with birthday shots after she blew out her candles on the cake. Gigi had a huge smile on her face and looked so excited to be celebrating."

The insider added that Gigi seemed particularly pumped to see Swift. "They were both smiling and taking photos together on their phones," said the source. "Taylor looked really happy. She was very relaxed but looked happy to be there. She was bopping her head to the music, dancing a bit. Gigi was super excited to see Taylor and they gave each other a huge long hug."

It's fine. I'm not jealous. Seriously.

Meanwhile, other party-goers were busy recording their own videos and snaps. Makeup artist Patrick Ta shared one amazing video of Bella and Yolanda presenting Gigi with her cake.

Instagram/Patrick Ta

And Bella shared an amazing video of Gigi dancing with their mom:

Instagram/Bella Hadid

Honestly, it looks like a freaking blast. I mean what says "I'm 24!" like a denim party full of rich and famous friends, y'know?

Happy birthday, Gigi! I trust my invite just got lost in the mail.