So Many People Showed Up For March For Our Lives & The Photos Are Astounding

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If you haven't already heard about March For Our Lives, you're missing out on a demonstration for the books. Gun violence is an incredibly prevalent societal issue, and working to persuade Congress to change gun regulations is basically vital at this point. Whether you're a teacher, a student, or if just a human hoping to put an end to gun violence, attending or supporting the march is unbelievably important. And if you aren't able to make it, these photos from March For Our Lives show that it's a phenomenal and inspiring cause.

Some protesters at the March For Our Lives in Washington D.C. have unfortunately experienced gun violence firsthand, while others are just plain disgusted by all of the incidents leading up to the Parkland shooting. The march was organized by a collaboration between two groups: the Parkland school shooting survivors, who started the Never Again movement, and a non-profit organization called Everytown For Gun Safety, which is led by former mayor of New York City Mayor Bloomberg.

While the march works to raise awareness, it also aims to convince Congress to improve gun control laws, which is ultimately the key to change. These photos from the march express the passionate views on gun violence, which has plagued our society for far too long. Among the predicted 500,000 protesters are several celebrity supporters, and while some will be performing — like Ariana Grande and Common — others have donated and will be in attendance, such as George and Amal Clooney. If you're not at the rally, these photos will still vicariously make you feel so powerful.

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Despite what many might think, March For Our Lives' mission is not to take away the right to bear arms. In fact, they openly support the Second Amendment on their website. The goals of the march, which are elaborated on their website, are to pass laws banning the sale of assault weapons, prohibiting the sale of high capacity magazines, and preventing dangerous people from buying guns.

On the front page of the March For Our Lives site, they clearly state their stance on gun control, which is the fact that it just needs to be substantially much more regulated than it is now, so the wrong people don't get their hands on guns. It says,

We support the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms, as set forth in the United States Constitution. But with that right comes responsibility. We call on all the adults in Congress elected to represent us, to pass legislation that will protect and save children from gun violence.

If you're not at the March right now, there are a ton of ways you can get involved with March For Our Lives' cause. Aside from marching, people can choose to donate to the march, organize their own local march in their area, sponsor a participant, and provide housing for marchers. Organizers are also encouraging citizens to register to vote, and to also sign a petition demanding stricter gun control. If you aren't able to march, any of these options are extremely helpful for the cause, and they'll get you involved without having to be there in person.

No matter where you're located, how old you are, or what your background is, the photos from the March For Our Lives will definitely speak to you in some way, shape, or form. Each and every protester out there right now is incredibly brave to get out and fight for their beliefs and rights, and it totally shines through in each of these photos. I am honestly so proud of everyone out there today.

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