Spotify is now offering in-app quizzes as one of its new 2020 Wrapped features.

Here Are All The NEW Spotify Wrapped Features You Might Have Missed

Courtesy of Spotify

With January just weeks away, it's almost time to close the chapter on 2020 and toast to all the new bangers that'll have you dancing around in 2021. Before you go, Spotify brought back its Wrapped feature so you can check out the songs, playlists, artists, and podcasts that were most on your radar over the past year. Plus, for the first time, new Spotify 2020 Wrapped features are here to test just how well you know your own taste in music and offer even more personalized playlists to help you find new music you'll love.

On Dec. 1, Spotify kicked off the final month of the year by giving users of the music streaming service even more options to delve into their 2020 listening experience. Here's what you might need to go back and check out if tapped through your Wrapped Story a little too quickly.

Quizzes & Fun Facts

In addition to once again curating a Wrapped list of top artists, songs, and genres users can easily share on social media, Spotify now offers in-app quizzes where it invites you to guess which decade, artists, and genres you listened to the most in 2020. You'll also see a breakdown of notable listening habits, your top song's journey from the date of its first stream onward, and other big moments.

New Playlists

One of the coolest new features? A roundup of new personalized playlists, which run the gambit of grouping together your favorite songs from 2020 to pulling together a curated list of new songs that were similar to your top songs in the Missed Hits playlist. If you're looking for some new material to close out the year or you just want to replay some of your 2020 faves, you'll want to check these out. You can find these by searching "2020 Wrapped" in your Spotify app, and then tap on the 2020 Wrapped genre.

Courtesy of Spotify

Multi-Media Experience

Last but not least, listeners who live in the U.S., UK and Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada can check out the On Record playlist to learn more about their favorite artists and their music through different podcasts.

Badges For Premium Users

This year, Premium users get access to an additional feature: badges, which let you know if you were a Pioneer (someone who discovered a song before it hit 50,000 streams), a Tastemaker (someone whose playlists gained many more followers in 2020), and a Collector (someone who added a lot of songs to their playlists).

Spotify Wrapped For Everyone

While the badges are only available for Premium users, Spotify is also opening up its Wrapped features to people who don't have Spotify accounts. For the first time, you don't have to be a Spotify subscriber to check out the streaming platform's report on its 2020 listening trends. Although you won't have access to a personalized breakdown of your own music and podcast habits, you can head to to check out some of the biggest songs, artists, genres, and decades of the past year. And if you want an interactive experience, head to the 2020 Wrapped website.

Once you have all your 2020 hits in one place, you can start mapping out your songs for 2021 — or just play Beyoncé on repeat all year and solidify your place in the Beyhive.