The M&M's Messages packages have the funniest sayings.

These New Packages Of M&M's Have The Funniest Phrases On Them

Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

Your next package of M&M's will deliver more than just a sugar rush. These new M&M's Messages packages feature 36 unique sayings, and they'll help you speak your mind without having to say a word. Take a look at exactly what these M&M's have to say.

Hitting stores on Monday, Jan. 20, M&M's Messages packages will be available in four different M&M's flavors, including Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter, and Caramel. With 36 different sayings, you have the opportunity to find the package that speaks to you. M&M's Messages will be sold for a limited time at retailers nationwide. M&M's Messages will cost about the same as a typical single-serve package of the candy. A 1.69-ounce package of M&M's usually sells for between $1.29 and $3.19, depending on where you buy it.

The hilarious sayings are witty and relatable, featuring the faces of your fave M&M's candy representatives, like the saucy Green M&M and the affable Yellow M&M. You could even sub your regular Valentine's Day cards for this message-and-candy combo. Some sayings included in the 36-count variety are:

  • "Not my usual passive-aggressive apology."
  • "You make mama proud."
  • "Miss your face."
  • "He wasn't even that cute."
  • "Have a great day pretending to do work."
  • "I love being socially awkward with you."
  • "I'd follow you anywhere in a non-creepy way."
  • "Congrats on being above average."
Courtesy of Mars Wrigley

To celebrate awards season, M&M's is selling a limited-edition M&M’S Messages Party Box: Red Carpet Edition, which contains 12 individual M&M's Messages packs with various congratulatory messages, like "Congrats on being above average." As of Tuesday, Jan. 14, this limited-time offering is available on a first come, first serve basis on the M&M's website for $40, with only 92 boxes available. As a nod to the Oscars, each box also has a rollout red carpet, a spot to write a "Message of the Night," and an actual cheering sound when you open the box.


The new M&M's Messages packages won't be here for very long, so you'll probably want to grab some as soon as they're available. With over 30 sayings, there's a message to pass along to just about anyone you can think of.