These New Hot Cocoa M&Ms Sound Like The Perfect Holiday Treat


Aside from Reese's Christmas trees, candy canes, and Hanukkah gelt, one of my absolute favorite holiday candies are M&Ms. Whether they're the classic red and green colors, or if they're simply decked out in the festive holiday packaging, it's impossible not to buy, like, 20 family-sized bags (and literally eat them all in one sitting, LOL). Anyway, if you haven't already checked out these new Hot Cocoa M&Ms, they're exclusive to Target this year. They're actually filled with marshmallow cream, and they're coming out in just a few short weeks. To be completely honest, I won't be able to resist them, no matter how hard I'll try.

Hitting Target shelves in the middle of November is the M&M flavor of my dreams: Hot Cocoa. "But how does an M&M taste like hot cocoa?" you might be asking. Well prepare yourself, because according to Target, each individual M&M contains layers on layers of rich milk chocolate, before diving into a melty, delicious white chocolate marshmallow-filled center. Um, what? Yes, you heard that — it's basically like drinking a giant mug of steaming hot cocoa, without the mug and the heat, of course. I don't know about you, I'm seriously obsessed. They're completely exclusive to Target and they only cost $3.19 per pack. So, getting 10 packs of this new treat is definitely necessary. I absolutely cannot wait any longer.


Aside from offering these highly-anticipated Hot Cocoa M&Ms, the renowned department store is going to be offering several other exclusive holiday candies, according to Target. From Dove Hot Cocoa, to Ghirardelli Toffee Cookie Crunch, Lindt Snickerdoodle, and Reese's Santa's Helpers, Target is definitely coming in clutch with all of the holiday cheer this year. According to Target, each of these candies will be available as of mid-November as well, so make sure you stay on the lookout. I can 100 percent guarantee that you won't want to miss any of these limited-edition Target-exclusive treats.

Once you've eaten yourself into a Hot Cocoa M&M-induced coma, make sure to check out each of their international flavors for 2019. From Mexican Jalapeño Peanut, to Thai Coconut Peanut, and, of course, English Toffee Peanut, there are so many delicious (and hella unique!) flavors that have my mouth watering. I need to get my hands on these babies as soon as I possibly can. TBH, 2019 can not come soon enough.

The candy brand is also going to be offering Hazelnut Spread M&Ms, guaranteed to give Nutella a run for its money. Eat them on toast for a chocolatey breakfast, or simply on their own. They sound like a dream come true.

As you know, the holidays only come once a year. So, that means the same goes for Target's exclusive holiday candies. You'd better believe I'll be first in line to get Hot Cocoa M&Ms, because anything filled with marshmallows sounds like a dream come true... especially when it's in the form of M&Ms. The jolliest time of year is finally on its way, and this is bound to be the best one yet.