These new Doritos 3D Crunch flavors releasing in December are bold take on classics.

Doritos 3D Are Coming Back With A Crunchy Twist & 2 NEW Flavors

by Daffany Chan
Courtesy of Doritos

This year may not have turned out how you planned, but you can expect things to pick up in 2021 with the return of a late-'90s classic snack: Doritos 3D's. Doritos is releasing the OG snack, but with a crunchy twist. Aptly named Doritos 3D Crunch, the revamped chip features the three-dimensional shape you know and love, but in two new bold and spicy flavors. These new Doritos 3D Crunch flavors are sure to pack a dose of nostalgia and heat up 2021.

Doritos unveiled the new 3D Crunch innovation on Monday, Dec. 21. The new product is a spicy update to Doritos 3D's, which you likely remember from the iconic 1998 Super Bowl commercial. At the time, it was a major change from the flat Doritos you were snacking on, but they were sadly phased out in the early 2000s. Cut to more than a decade later, and now you can enjoy Doritos 3D Crunch in two new flavors: Spicy Ranch and Chili Cheese Nacho — a spicy upgrade from the classic Nacho Cheese and Cooler Ranch.

If you're ready to fire up your tastebuds this winter, you can pick up Doritos 3D Spicy Ranch and Doritos 3D Chili Cheese Nacho at retailers beginning Monday, Dec. 28. A six-ounce bag will sell for a suggested retail price of $4.29, while a two-ounce bag will sell for a suggested retailed price of $1.89. To find a retailer near you selling the new snacks, simply head to Doritos 3D Crunch website.

Courtesy of Doritos

To kick off the exciting launch, Doritos is partnering with the original "Doritos Girl," actress Ali Landry, to host a nationwide challenge for fans that's inspired by the iconic commercial. Since Landry memorable caught chips in her mouth in the commercial, you'll also need to boldly catch Doritos 3D Crunch in your mouth to take part in the TikTok challenge. For more details, check out the #Doritos3DChallenge on TikTok beginning Dec. 28.

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