These Memes About What To Hope For Instead Of A NYE Kiss Have Me Sold On This Change

Kena Betancur/Getty Images News/Getty Images

It's New Year's eve, folks! This year was a wild ride to say the least. From the bad celebrity apologies to several government shutdowns, including one over the holidays, 2018 is pretty much begging to be over. But on the last day of the year Twitter has given the world one good thing: a final meme to close out 2018. These memes about what to have instead of a kiss at midnight are totally hilarious and bring up some pretty great alternatives for how your New Year's Eve could go.

The "instead of a kiss at midnight" meme, likely one of the last memes to debut in 2018, is full of alternative options to replace the long-standing Western tradition of kissing at the stroke of midnight on New Year's. Some tweets offer serious suggestions, like "#InsteadOfAKissAtMidnight I’d prefer it around 9pm so we can get our asses to bed" or my personal favorite "#InsteadOfAKissAtMidnight, could you make my mortgage payment for me?"

Other tweets take a more playful variation on the theme, like this one that suggests, "#InsteadOfAKissAtMidnight Give me kisses the whole year" or this one that reveals, "#InsteadOfAKissAtMidnight I’ll be licking the melted cheese from my pizza box."

Here are some more 2019 midnight kiss meme variations that might get you excited to do something different at 12:00 a.m. New Year's Day.

Some people are really into an early night:

While some people are suggesting substitutions:

And then there are the "stay away from me at all costs" memes:

Some, of course, are taking the opposite route:

Due to the nature of this meme, the world probably won't see it again until New Year's Eve next year. But worry not, because there's still time to enjoy 2018's best memes before 2019's memes begin in full force. This year gave us the "is this a pigeon?" meme, one of my personal favorites thanks to its versatility. The internet was also blessed with Gym Kardashian, Change my mind, the American Chopper argument, Y'all Hear Summ?, Who Killed Hannibal?, moth memes, and Young Thug on the computer.

There were also some not-so-great memes in 2018 like the seemingly-endless "Yanny" vs. "Laurel" debate, the "they did surgery on a grape" fiasco, and my least favorite of them all, the microwaving a turkey meme that took hold around Thanksgiving and gave me endless amounts of anxiety (though I will admit that I tried it on my own mom. It didn't work).

In case you're looking for another New Year's-themed meme, the end of 2018 also gave us the "energy you're taking into 2019" meme, which feature tweets describing a certain kind of "energy" that people plan on taking with them into the new year.

So whether you're bringing a transformative energy or an alternative to a midnight kiss into the new year, know that the internet has your back. If you want, pick a midnight kiss alternative (or two) to ring in 2019 on the right note. Happy New Year!