"IHOb" Memes Are Still Hilarious & They'll Make You Love The Name Change

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you've been anywhere near a stack of pancakes (or at least a computer) within the past few weeks, you're most likely aware of the fact that IHOP has been the talk of the town lately. Upon introducing its new burger menu, IHOP changed their name to "IHOb." It made several breakfast-lovers very, very upset, but it also made a large number of fans excited to try some burgers. The name change made a ton of people laugh, too (because, seriously... IHOb?). Anyway, if you haven't already found a reason to laugh about the breakfast haven's name change, these memes about "IHOb" will definitely make you LOL.

Some of the latest IHOb memes were clearly made by folks who are stoked to try some new burgers, while others appear to have been created by some salty non-burger lovin' folk in the Twittersphere. Regardless, each and every one of these memes are super creative, and make light of this unexpected, unforeseen change. They'll definitely make your day.

I'm going to start you all off with a bunch of memes that were obviously made by IHOb supporters. Good for you guys, for staying positive and open-minded. I hope you've made your way to IHOb to take advantage of their latest and greatest menu, because your enthusiasm for the restaurant chain's burger endeavors is pretty evident. Also, y'all have a sense of humor, and I thank you for that.

The other IHOb memes, however, seem pretty dang salty. These Twitterspherians evidently are not fans of IHOP's name change, and they're making it pretty clear through the art of memes. I'm sorry that all of you are so upset by this, but I hope you end up coming to terms with it in the long run. I mean, really, it's only temporary. In fact, the restaurant admitted that it's only to promote its new line of burgers. Anyway, I do commend all you for making all of these super creative masterpieces, even in this time of hardship. For real, they're absolutely marvelous.

In the past week, Twitter users also started spitting several hilarious tweets about the IHOb acronym. Some were tweeting song lyrics to line up with the IHOb acronym, while others tweeted lines from movies and TV shows. Some are even creating their own messages to align with the I, H, O and B, and even though the end results are pretty ridiculous, they're so freaking amazing. I can guarantee they will make you laugh.

Even other fast-casual restaurants are finding the hilarity in IHOP's name change. For example, Burger King roasted IHOP on Twitter and Facebook the other day, and it was awesome. It changed its name to "Pancake King" on Twitter, and also switched its Facebook profile picture to a variation of their logo, which said "Pancake King" instead of the usual "Burger King." I promise that it was all in good fun, but it was a great way for Burger King to show its sense of humor and to poke fun at IHOP's new burger enthusiasm. Seriously, who doesn't love a little fake rivalry?

While IHOP will forever be known for its pancakes, the chain is currently promoting its burgers right now, and people cannot seem to get over the temporary name change. Some are finding IHOb hilarious and are excited to try the new menu, while others are absolutely devastated and totally uncool with the ground-breaking change. Regardless, I really just hope everyone keeps making creative memes about it, because I'm seriously loving these.