These Local Eclectic Rings Are Gorgeous & Everyone's Obsessed With Them On Insta

Every girl deserves a chance to shine, and the easiest way to make that possible is by incorporating a little bit of bling in your daily look. I believe it's true that diamonds are a girl's best friend, because they're always there for you, they brighten up your day, and you'll both look amazing in your selfies. I love rocking as much jewelry as possible, and rings are my favorite accessory. They're a subtle way to add sparkle to any outfit, and you don't need to be engaged or married to treat yourself to a diamond or gem ring. In fact, these Local Eclectic rings are gorgeous and need to be added to your jewelry collection ASAP.

It's no wonder why everyone on Instagram is obsessed with these rings from Local Eclectic. To be honest, I want one for every finger, and I'm living for the combinations of opal, diamonds, turquoise, and moonstones that come in the collection. Maybe you're looking for a single lady ring to rock with pride, or you and your crew are in search of some friendship jewelry. Either way, there's a ring on this site that's calling your name. Give your peace sign selfies a little something extra with any of these seven Local Eclectic rings, but make sure to check out the entire collection. You'll certainly find a little sparkly something that'll catch your eye.

Let The Sun Shine With This Sacred Heart Ring

Morena Sacred Heart Ring

Local Ecelctic

This yellow gold Sacred Heart Ring looks just like the sun with sparkly stones serving as the rays. If you and your best friend are looking for new friendship rings, this is the perfect design for you. It's symbolic because your BFF is your sunshine, and she makes you happy even on the gloomiest of days.

Wear A Crown On Your Finger With This Opal Ring

Opal Angels Arc Ring

Local Eclectic

If you're all about those regal vibes, this ring is a stunning pick. The arc design of it looks just like a crown fit for a royal, so wear this ring with pride. This design also works perfectly as a stacked ring to surround your stone with a crown of opal.

Rose Gold Lovers Will Fall For This Stacked Set

Diamond & Moonstone Stacking Ring Set

Local Eclectic

I've been bitten by the rose gold bug. Whenever I see this beautiful pink hue, I instantly think, "I need that." This stack of three rings definitely falls into that "must-have" category. Not only do these rings look great together, but this collection is so versatile. You can wear the V-shaped diamond band and open pave diamond hug ring around any stone rings you already have in your jewelry box.

This Opal And Moonstone Ring Will Have You Swaying In The Moonlight

Opal & Moonstone Ballerina Ring

Local Eclectic

This opal and moonstone ballerina ring is beyond dreamy. It's the perfect ring if you're looking for something subtle with a little bit of magic. The rainbow moonstone is surrounded by opal that gives off hints of color as if you've been transported to Oz just like Dorothy. Rock it with a shimmery top, and you're set to sparkle.

This Ring Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds

Opal & Pink Lady Hugging Ring

Local Eclectic

This is like something straight out of "Sleeping Beauty," where the fairies can't decide to make the dress pink or blue, so instead, they just went with both. I love the bright colors of the pink crystal and blue opal. It truly is one of the most colorful rings in the collection.

Be A Star With This Signet Ring

Aiden Diamond Signet Ring

Local Eclectic

This is a beautiful choice for someone who's looking for something simple without a lot of extra stones and diamonds. The yellow gold ring has a simple star signet that's subtle, but still shines every so brightly. For any pic you take with your new jewelry, caption it with these words by Marilyn Monroe: "We are all stars and deserve the right to twinkle."

This Turquoise Ring Proves It's Hip To Be Square

Square Stone Stacking Ring With Diamond & Turquoise

Local Eclectic

Turquoise lovers will fall head over heels for this stacking ring. This fab design was meant to be the base of any stacking you decide to do with your rings, or you can wear it by itself. The colors in this piece will look great in your summer selfies while you're relaxing on the beach with the blue ocean setting the scene in the background.