5 Hype House Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Help You Channel Your Inner TikTok Star

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The spooky season is fast approaching, and that means it's time to brainstorm what your 2020 Halloween costume will look like. Sure, trick-or-treating may be canceled in some cities due to the coronavirus, but there's no reason you can't have a spooktacular time right at home. In a year where more time was spent on social media than usual, what better than to channel the biggest social media stars of today? If you're looking to pull together an epic Hype House group Halloween costume for 2020, I've got you covered.

The Hype House's original lineup boasted some of the biggest names in social media, and while many have come and gone, fans will always remember the day one HH members. These included key social media stars like Charli D'Amelio, Dixie D'amelio, Lil Huddy, Connor Yates, Alex Warren, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Daisy Keech, Nick Austin, Tony Lopez, Kouvr Annon, Thomas Petrou, and many more. It's an impressive lineup yes, which leaves plenty of Halloween costumes ideas for you and your friends. These group costume ideas will impress your social media obsessed friends to no end.

1. The Hype House Classic Group Photo

Not long after the Hype House was first founded, members celebrated the launch of the collective with a huge group photo shoot. Founder Thomas Petrou asked everyone to wear matching outfits consisting of a white top and denim pants, and it's one of the most iconic moments in Hype House history. It also makes for a great group costume because you can include as many people as you want, though, anyone wearing a group costume this year should err on the side of caution.

To recreate this look you just need a simple white tee like this one from Old Navy.

Add a pair of light-wash jeans to the mix and you're set to take on the night.

2. Addison Rae Easterling & Bryce Hall

Easterling and Hall are just friends these days (if that), but their on-and-off relationship is still one of the most recognizable ones to come out of the Hype House. Despite Hall being a member of the Sway House, Easterling didn't seem to mind dating a competitor. The two began dating in late 2019, and blessed fans with endless adorable photos and TikTok videos together. For couples (or platonic friends) looking for a joint costume, transforming into Easterling and Hall is a fun option.

To channel the duo, why not recreate one of their most recognizable photos to date? In one fan-favorite pic, Rae and Hall snuggled close as she rocked an oversized red and green plaid shirt (which very well may have been his). Hall wore a simple black crew neck in the photo, and their looks is super simple to recreate.

L.L. Bean has a great shirt option that looks similar to the one Easterling wore. To get Easterling's edgy open back look, you'll have to grab a pair of scissors and make the cutouts in the back.

Uniqlo's Metino Crew Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater is the perfect pick to channel Hall.

3. Addison Rae Easterling & Sheri Nicole

Not only are Addison Rae and her mom Sheri the best of friends, they've become business partners too. The mother-daughter duo launched a podcast called Mama Knows Best in July, and also continuously team up to record TikTok videos together. Of course, they need proper branding to keep up with their endeavors and in July, they debuted a gorgeous photo shoot where they twinned it up in matching silk dresses. The moment was an instant hit with fans, and if you want to recreate the look with a family member, it's sure to be a win.

All you need is two silk slip dresses, one in black and one in champagne. Don't forget to add a bold red lip to your look as well!

4. Hype House Logo Hoodie

Perhaps the easiest way to channel your favorite Hype House stars this Halloween is to rock their famed logo hoodie. When the official Hype House Instagram unveiled the hoodie back in April, it was so popular it sold out completely. Thankfully, the newest iteration of the popular sweatshirt is still in stock.

The Hype House logo hoodie retails for $65.

5. Kourtney Kardashian & Addison Rae Easterling

In one of the most unexpected occurrences of 2020, Easterling and Kardashian have become the best of friends. The two stars began sharing social media photos together in June, and have since gifted fans with a plethora of selfies and hilarious TikTok clips.

In their first photo together, they wore matching makeup looks from KKW Beauty.

One of their most-liked photo together, though, also happened to be their most controversial. When Kourt posted a bikini photo standing over Easterling's body, many felt the photo was too sexy and was especially bizarre given the ladies' 22 year age difference.

After all the attention the photo received, if you and your bestie rock purple and teal bikini tops this halloween (complete with Kourt's sun hat, of course), TikTok fans will surely know who you are.

This swimsuit from Voda Swim comes in both colors, so you and your bestie can rock the same exact style.

For whoever dresses up as Kourt, Banana Republic's wide-brimmed sun hat is perfect to complete your look.

Whether you're linking up with one friend this Halloween, or getting the whole gang together, there's no better time to channel your inner TikTok star. Who knows, maybe you'll nail your costume so well you'll become a viral sensation yourself.