These Hotels Will Fit All Your Friends For The Ultimate Girls' Trip

Did someone say girls' trip? I'm not sure if it's the spirit of Galentine's Day, your besties singing for a birthday, or your wanderlust cheering from the other side of the screen. But, I'm almost guaranteed I heard some excited squeals and someone start zipping up a suitcase. The only thing that hasn't been totally decided on is a destination. Well, let me help you settle some debates: These hotels in the U.S. with bunk beds are meant for you and your girls. Just check in and live the suite life.

Together, you and your girls have gone on a lot of fun getaways. You've traveled to other countries to eat the well-known pasta or see the most beautiful sunsets. You've wined and dined on beaches, and brunched in the mountains during your most recent road trip. No matter how many places you go and things you do, though, the bucket list just keeps getting longer and longer.

You'll come home after spending a cozy weekend in the desert or a cabin that doubles as a treehouse, and check off where you went in a shared note on your phone. Everyone in your girl crew has access to this note, and there are always new additions and quaint corners of the world being marked down. One of your besties will see an island on Instagram, and the other will find an excursion or landmark that's well-worth the long flight it takes to get there. It's a constant state of, "Where to next?"

The debate might be over, because hotels with bunk beds just got put onto your radar. They're perfect because they'll fit all of your friends, and let you get away for whatever you're celebrating — or not celebrating. (Do we even really need a reason to travel?) Here's the scoop so that you can start planning as soon as possible.

What hotels in the U.S. with bunk beds are perfect for you and your girls?


There are six hotels with bunk beds in the U.S. that should absolutely be on your radar. These include: The Jane Hotel in New York City; The Pod Hotels in Manhattan and Brooklyn; Generator, located throughout the U.S. and Europe; The Asbury in Asbury Park, New Jersey; San Francisco Proper; and Angad Arts Hotel in St. Louis. Got it? Good.

Each hotel is designed a little differently and will give you a unique overall experience. But, they're similar in the fact that they'll fit your whole girl crew and be perfect for your next trip. Staying in one will feel like an adult sleepover from beginning to end — which is one experience that you truly have to check off that big bucket list, especially in your 20s. You'll check in, maybe pop a bottle of champagne, and put on your favorite rom-coms. It's a getaway straight out of your daydreams.

What can you expect from a night at one of these hotels?

The Asbury Hotel

You and your girls will never be bored at any of these six hotels, all thanks to the endless amenities and activities that come with each one. You can expect to arrive and be greeted with complimentary products, in addition to amazing food and television screens everywhere. What more could you ask for?

So, let's dig into a couple of these places, shall we? First things first: The Pod Hotels are ideal if you're looking to have a little staycation. With three locations in Manhattan and one in Williamsburg, these hotels are situated right in and amongst the latest and greatest sights. You can spend the day exploring Times Square and shopping along Fifth Avenue, and then relax in your room for the rest of the night.

Every bunk sports its own television, so you can chill on your own or share a lot of laughs and stories with your besties, from the comfort of your blankets. In addition, these hotels have bars and are incredibly budget-friendly. So, if you're not quite ready to turn in for the night, you and your besties can grab a cocktail before you watch those rom-coms.

The Asbury Hotel will give you the same sort of experience, providing you and your girls with plenty to do day or night. A sun-lit living room with comfy couches is perfect for hanging out and reminiscing on all your memories — and could be a really good backdrop for a photo shoot. You can bond over board games, vinyls, and cassettes, too. Sweet!

So, what are you waiting for? Galentine's Day is right around the corner, and any of these six hotels will give you and your favorite crew an ultimate getaway for the books.