GOT7 stands on the red carpet in various suits.

These GOT7 Lyrics Are "Just Right" For Your Next Instagram Post

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K-Pop group GOT7 has worked their way into your heart. As a fan, you likely have more than a few of their hit songs on the Spotify playlists you listen to on repeat. Because you can't get enough of their music, these GOT7 lyrics for Instagram captions will have you covered for your next post and many after that.

When the group debuted in 2014 with members Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, Mark, JB, Jackson, and Yugyeom, no one could have predicted how epic their hits like "Just Right" and "You Calling My Name" would be. With so many tracks to listen to and all of these captions below, you'll never draw a blank when you're trying to come up with a great caption.

A lot of lines from GOT7's songs can easily be used for any Insta post you have in mind. Use a sweet lyric for a cute selfie of you and your partner, or a line that perfectly expresses how you feel about your bestie for a great #throwback snap. There's a whole catalogue of songs to choose from, but here are 40 GOT7 song lyrics that you can use for your Instagram captions that are "just right" to post now.

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1. "I want you to find me and save me." — "Mayday"

2. "Please stay right by my side." — "Miracle"

3. "Sweet talk to me babe. It's magical." — "Lullaby"

4. "When you call my name." — "You Calling My Name"

5. "Baby, you are just, just right." — "Just Right"

6. "Real love that I chose." — "Poison"

7. "I wanna fly baby fly with you." — "Fly"

8. "My look, my style, my swagger." "Girls Girls Girls"

9. "At the end of the winter, I met you who became my spring." "Miracle"

10. "Hey girl! How you doing?" — "Girls Girls Girls"

11. "Whisper your sweet nothings in my ear." "Lullaby"

12. "Why you gotta be like this?" — "If You Do"

13. "My heart wants you." — "Tic Tic Tok"

14. "You're the only one." — "Just Right"

15. "You became a little star." "Miracle"

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16. "I can only see you." — "Tic Tic Tok"

17. "Every day, every night." — "If You Do"

18. "Home run, home run." — "Home Run"

19. "'Cause I am me." — "I Am Me"

20. "It's a beautiful sky." — "You Are"

21. "Even at that moment, a smile." — "I Am Me"

22. "You're my diamond." — "Tic Tic Tok"

23. "My wildest fantasy." — "Lullaby"

24. "Feeling fresh and new." — "Tic Tic Tok"

25. "If I'm dreaming, don't ever wake me up." — "Lullaby"

26. "I just wanna be with you." — "Fly"

27. "Take a good look at yourself. Find yourself, love yourself." — "I Am Me"

28. "I can't help this feelin', like I know your secrets." — "Lullaby"

29. "Give it to the fullest." — "Tic Tic Tok"

30. "'Cause every word can speak to my soul. It's outta my control." — "Lullaby"