Fall's Biggest Eye Makeup Trends Are Total '80s Throwbacks

Chantecaille; Smith & Cult; Kosas; Covergirl; Violent Lips

Anybody else starting to get a little bored of summer's biggest beauty trends? Don't get me wrong, I love a neon winged liner as much as the next gal, but I can't help dreaming about all the fall 2019 eye makeup trends I saw on the runways at Fashion Week. I know autumn is the time for weather to grow colder, but believe me when I say the makeup trends are getting even hotter. To prove it, I've spoken with some of my favorite makeup artists on what trends will be popping up left and right this season, and if you're a fan of bold eyeshadow, get excited, because there's bound to be color, glitter, and lashes galore.

Classic '80s Eyes

According to Emmy-winning makeup artist Andrew Sotomayor, topping off perfectly blended eyeshadows with a harsh liquid liner is so yesterday (And so last season!). "Liners will be smudgy along top and bottom lashes instead of winged liquid liner — that’s yesterday’s Instagram trend now," says Sotomayor. The shade. He adds that a more diffused, smudged liner look is reminiscent of "the '80s trends that are popular in fashion and beauty right now, inspired by TV shows like Pose on FX and Glow on Netflix." Who doesn't love a little '80s glam?

And guess what? Smoky liner is a heck of a lot easier to do than crafting the perfect wing:

To achieve the look, you'll need two things: a smudging brush and a great gel or pencil liner. Personally, the Chantecaille Luster Glide Silk Infused Eye Liner ($30, is a favorite, as it glides across skin without tugging or skipping, and can be blended upon application, but will still dry down to a transfer-proof, long-wearing finish. To smudge said liner, I usually reach for something like the Sephora Collection Pro Smudge Brush #11 ($18,

Bright & Bold

Summer's neon trend might be dying down, but expect color to still be high on fall's beauty radar. "Popular colors this fall will include mint green, yellow, bronze, and bright purple," predicts Sotomayor, and makeup artist Karla Hirkaler agrees. “Fall is upon us and the new trend in beauty is bold fun colors, woohoo!!!" she exclaims.

"Colors like purples and teals, and don’t be afraid to use shine," advises Hirkaler on what's worth trying:

For a bevy of bright, bold options, a colorful palette like the Lime Crime Venus Vivid Shadow Palette ($38,, will add eight fun shades to your shadow collection. "If you’re afraid to try brighter colors because they’ve sometimes gotten messy, try instead a cream eyeshadow pencil," advises Sotomayor. Another great option is a liquid formula that can be swiped on and blended in seconds, à la the new Kosas 10-Second Liquid Eyeshadows ($28,, which come in a few brights as well as some wearable neutral tones.

Bronzy Brow Bones

"These '80s throwback shades are less about beauty being delicate and innocent, and more about women owning their strength," says Sotomayor of autumn's shift in color palette. "Instead of white, frosted brow bones, opt for matte, gold, or bronze highlights, which still create a glow, but in a tougher, more 'girl power' way," he declares.

I love the look of a warm-toned gold brow bone and inner corner! Major goddess vibes, if you ask me:

To really feel like a queen, allow yourself to splurge on a bougie highlighter you can use on your brow bone as well as your cheeks. The Givenchy Teint Couture Shimmer Highlighter in "Radiant Gold" ($42, gives the most gorgeous, pearly gold sheen, and the powder itself is seriously flat lay-worthy. Shopping on a budget? One drugstore staple I swear by is the Wet N Wild MegaGlo Highlighing Powder in Golden Glower Crown ($5, At just $5 bucks, it's a favorite in my collection.

Amped-Up Glitter

Even glitter is getting cooler this season — Um, hi, have you seen Zendaya rocking Rue's glittery "concealer" beneath the eyes on Euphoria? That's the kind of energy I want this season, and I know I'm not the only one. "Cool glitter shapes, like the hologram stars from CAI Cosmetics that I used for the Saint Vegan Fall 2019 collection, or the metallic eyeliner strips from Face Lace, are fun and also smudge-free, which makes them perfect for fall weather, which can be unpredictably warm or rainy depending on where you live," says Sotomayor.

Gigi Hadid knows a well-placed smear of glitter can really amp up a look, worn here at the Valentino Fall/Winter 2019 Haute Couture show:

David Fisher/Shutterstock

If you haven't tried the Smith & Cult Glitter Shots ($22,, they're basically a must-have for fall's most glitzy trend. Chunky glitters and quartz are suspended in an easy-to-apply gel to give you a multi-dimensional sparkle in just one swipe. If you prefer the ease of a sticker, the Violent Eyes Silver Glitterati Appliqués ($10 last up to 16 hours on the lids, and each pack comes with for styles of "liner."

Heavy On The Lash

The finishing touch to all the statement eye trends mentioned above? "Remember that when it comes to stronger eye makeup looks, it’s all about mascara," says Sotomayor."

Whether you've gone bold with glitter, appliqués, '80s colors, and smudgy liner, or kept things simple with a no-makeup makeup look like beauty YouTuber Alissa Ashley, long lashes will really pull your glam together:

"False lashes are always optional, but thickening, volumizing mascara, like the Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara ($8,, is all about showing off your real lashes and the real you (but better)," says Sotomayor. This mascara is so good, and it's a staple in my own makeup bag as well — P.S., it's a pretty good dupe for a certain ~sexy~ Too Faced mascara, if you catch my drift.

Seriously, this fall's eye makeup trends have me shook. Catch me looking like an extra on Euphoria real soon, complete with colorful, glittery lids, smudged liner, and lashes on point.