These Dunkin' Cold Brew hacks include sweet and smooth sips.

These Dunkin' Cold Brew Hacks On TikTok Include Mocha Blueberry & Caramel Sips

Courtesy of Dunkin'

You may want to set aside your go-to Dunkin' Cold Brew order for later because there are so many ways to switch up your coffee routine. These Dunkin' Cold Brew hacks on TikTok offer up a twist on your java. With hacks like a Mocha Blueberry sip and a Caramel Toasted Almond pick-me-up, you'll want to take some notes before your next coffee run.

Fans have been loyally doling out unofficial Dunkin' secret menu recipes via social media for quite a while. With so many creative takes on Dunkin's Cold Brew coffee, often experimenting with flavor swirls, you'll feel inspired to order your coffee with a twist. While secret menu hacks aren't official Dunkin' menu sips, you can easily order them from your local store by listing each of the ingredients to your barista or ordering through the Dunkin' app.

These Dunkin' Cold Brew hacks include sweet sips like a fruity twist on a mocha and unique options for caramel-lovers. Some of the dedicated fans serving up recipes on TikTok include baristas from Dunkin' and coffee enthusiasts.

To find your next favorite sip, check out the hacks below or try browsing TikTok by searching "Dunkin' Cold Brew hacks."

1. Mocha Blueberry Cold Brew

This recipe from TikToker @bayareacaliboy takes a regular cold brew and kicks it up a notch with liquid cane sugar, a swirl of mocha, and a shot of blueberry syrup (which is used in Dunkin's Blueberry Matcha Latte). The amount of blueberry pumps you add will depend on the size you're ordering. The TikToker suggests two pumps for a small, three for a medium, and four for a large.


2. Vanilla Caramel Cold Foam

TikToker @alliechines posted a hack for Dunkin's Cold Brew, and it features a vanilla caramel twist. To get the drink, add three pumps of vanilla bean, two pumps of cream, some cold brew coffee, sweet cold foam, and a caramel drizzle.

3. Caramel Vanilla Hazelnut Cold Brew

Shared by TikToker @amyjano18, this recipe for Dunkin' Cold Brew features one pump of caramel, one pump of french vanilla swirl, and one pump of hazelnut swirl. You can top it all off with whipped cream or Dunkin's sweet cold foam to suit your taste.


4. A Twist On Toasted Almond Cold Brew

TikToker @coffeeeelover shared a hack that's a twist on a Toasted Almond sip. To order it, ask for a medium Dunkin' Cold Brew and add toasted almond flavor shots, three pumps of caramel swirl, and cream.

5. Caramel Vanilla Bean Cold Brew

TikToker Kaitlyn (@kaitlynnncolon) is a Dunkin' barista and has a signature drink she serves to customers who don't know what to get. The sip combines Dunkin' Cold Brew and a caramel drizzle in your cup, two pumps of vanilla bean, and some cream. Then, it's topped off with sweet cold foam and a caramel drizzle.

6. Caramel Mocha Hazelnut Cold Brew

TikToker Clint Svatos (@clintonsvatos) created a sip he dubs "The Clint." To get a cold brew packed with flavor, order a medium Dunkin' Cold Brew and add two pumps of caramel swirl, two pumps of mocha swirl, and one pump of hazelnut swirl. Then top it off with a lot of cream. He puts in five pumps, but you can switch it up to your tastes.


7. Sweet Take On Cold Brew

This recipe is a twist on a traditional Dunkin' Cold Brew for those with a big sweet tooth. To order this sip from TikToker @_.xoxo.kat, ask for two pumps of caramel swirl, three pumps of french vanilla swirl, and sugar and cream to taste.

8. Dunkin' Coffee Smoothie

This recipe comes from the official @dunkin TikTok account. To make it at home, you'll need a Dunkin' Cold Brew Coffee Pack. You can also order a regular Cold Brew from Dunkin'. Once you've got the cold brew, pour it into an ice cube tray. Cut up some banana slices and place both the ice tray and the fruit into the freezer for at least four hours. When everything is frozen, put the ingredients into a blender with some chocolate syrup and your choice of milk. Blend until smooth and enjoy.

When heading to Dunkin', make sure to check the latest CDC guidelines on social distancing and masking.