These Dunkin' iced coffee hacks include so many TikTok-approved recipes

You Can Get A Chips Ahoy! Iced Coffee From Dunkin' With These TikTok Hacks

IMHO, iced coffee has no season, giving you the perfect excuse to caffeinate all 365 days of the year with a refreshing Dunkin' sip in hand — and regularly try new ideas to switch things up. If you're looking for a way to change things up on your next DD run or simply update an old favorite, these Dunkin' iced coffee hacks include so many tasty options that aren't too difficult to execute. From several TikTok-approved drink recipes to ideas from Dunkin' itself, this list is sure to sweeten your next fuel-up.

Keep in mind that when ordering one of these TikTok-approved sips or another drink from Dunkin's unofficial secret menu, you'll most likely need to instruct your barista on how to make it instead of ordering it by name. Write down any instructions so you have them on hand when placing your order or memorize them to make sure you get the iced coffee you want. When purchasing your Dunkin' sip, it's also a good idea to follow the most up-to-date guidance from the CDC on social distancing and mask-wearing and opt for delivery, drive-thru, or pick-up when possible to limit your exposure to others.

1. Cold Foam Iced Coffee

Dunkin's Sweet Cold Foam, which it dropped as part of its new Sweet Cold Foam Cold Brew line, can also be added to any iced sip of your choice for just 70 cents extra. To add a hint of vanilla and a frothy texture to your cup of joe, ask your barista to top your iced coffee with the new cold foam.

2. Hazelnut Mocha

Dunkin' shared this hack back in 2018, but the flavor combination of nuts and chocolate never gets old. Ask you barista to add a mocha flavor swirl to your iced coffee along with a shot of hazelnut flavor.

3. Iced Nutella Latte

This TikTok recipe shared by user @simranailawadhi, starts with a medium iced coffee that's mixed with two hazelnut swirl shots, two mocha swirl shots, and three creams.

3. Coco Berry

Another Dunkin' creation from 2018, this Coco Berry drink starts with a Mocha Latte crafted from espresso, milk, and a mocha flavor swirl. Balance out all the chocolate with a blueberry flavor shot.

4. Snickers Iced Coffee

A popular TikTok recipe, the Snickers Iced Coffee starts with an iced coffee. Next, you add two pumps of caramel, one pump of mocha, one pump of hazelnut and three creams. TikToker randilynns33 also added Cold Foam on top, but that’s optional.


5. Toasted French Vanilla

Looking for a dairy-free way to spice up your iced coffee? Dunkin' recommends you order an iced coffee with almond milk and one shot each of French vanilla and toasted almond flavor to make a Toasted French Vanilla.

6. Healthy Dunkin' Raspberry Vanilla Iced Coffee

Instead of a medium vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar, TikToker @Victoriaaclair suggests trying a medium iced coffee with one shot of raspberry, one flavor shot of vanilla, almond milk, and two Splendas.

6. Almond Joy Iced Coffee

This "Almond Joy" Iced Coffee from Twitter replicates a limited-edition beverage that's since been discontinued (much to the disappointment of fans). While the company stopped selling the sip in 2016, you can replicate it by adding two pumps of milk, one pump of toasted almond, one pump of coconut, and one pump of mocha to your iced coffee.

8. Oreo's Cookies & Cream Iced Coffee

To replicate the flavors of Cookies 'n Cream in coffee form, TikTok account @SecretMenuDunkin recommends adding three creams, two pumps of sugar syrup, one pump of vanilla bean, one pump of French vanilla, and one pump of mocha to your iced coffee.

9. Chips Ahoy! Coffee

TikTok is a treasure trove of candy bar-inspired iced coffee recipes, such as this Chips Ahoy! offering from user @SecretMenuDunkin. After adding ice to your cup, your barista should add three creams, two pumps of sugar syrup, two pumps of chocolate stout syrup, two pumps of sugar-free vanilla, one pump of French vanilla, and one pump of caramel before filling up the rest of the cup with coffee.

10. Cookie Dough Iced Coffee

Create a Cookie Dough Iced Coffee a la TikToker @lady_kairyly by supplementing your iced coffee with two pumps of sugar-free French vanilla, two pumps of caramel, two pumps of mocha, and two creams. You can also add two creams, whipped cream, and a caramel and chocolate drizzle for an extra touch of sweetness.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to inventive Dunkin' drinks, so try some of these offerings out or share your own recipe.