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TikTokers Are Sharing Fun #EcoHacks To Promote Green Living Ahead Of Earth Day

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Going green isn't always about buying reusable straws, swapping out your plastic bags for paper ones at the store, or recycling your plastic water bottles. All of those things help, but sustainable living is more about living waste-free and finding multiple purposes for every item in your home. These creative #ecohacks on TikTok will help emphasize those points, and show you how easy it is to be eco-friendly.

Truthfully, it's not hard to act with the planet's well-being in mind. You just have to get into a routine, and remind yourself that every action is for a good cause. At first, you may need to actively check yourself, and leave yourself notes by the trash can like, "Can you repurpose this?" If you're heading out to the store, you may need to go back inside to scan what you already have or grab the reusable totes you have tucked away in your closet.

Before you know it, #ecohacks and green living will come naturally. In your friend group, you'll be the sustainability queen — the one to go to for tips on how to transform a soda can into a unique planter, or make your cleaning supplies last longer — and you'll have caught up to these TikTokers who are sharing creative #ecohacks. The key is to just begin, and tackle one eco-friendly habit, mindset shift, or hack at a time. These environmentally friendly tips on TikTok are a great place to start.

Turn Your Jars Into Spice Shakers

First up is this hack that turns any mason jar into a shaker. To try it out in your home, watch @delilah_isabel's video, where they explain how most cheese shaker tops seamlessly fit onto mason jars. They show how to twist the shaker top on, as well as how to repurpose jars in other ways.

Leave Your Reusable Bags At The Front Door

How often do you forget your reusable bags when you go to the store? TikToker @row.and.lana suggests hanging a bunch of reusable bags on your front door, so you don't forget next time. In their #ecohack video, they also mention using paper towels that are made of cloth and snap together, and silicone lids that can replace aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Use Banana Peels As Fertilizer

Your first instinct after eating a banana may be to throw the peel into the trash. If you have plants in your home, though, that peel can be turned into fertilizer, as noted by TikToker @chelsychristina. To turn a banana peel into fertilizer, they suggest putting the peels into a jar with water overnight.

In the morning, the "dirty" water can be used on your plants, and will feed them extra nutrients.

Revive Your Celery By Putting It In Water

Reducing the amount of food you waste is a major way you can live greener, and it starts with storing your food properly or even reviving it. TikToker @iamdanafene will show you how to revive celery by putting it in a jar with water and putting the jar in the refrigerator.

Shred Your Paper Bags So They Can Be Used In Gifts

Paper bags are the eco-friendly cousin to plastic bags. But you shouldn't toss them in the trash after unloading your food into your refrigerator. Instead, you should hang and shred them, so they can be repurposed as filler in gifts.

The step-by-step process is detailed in @sweetmaricar's video on TikTok. Not only will it save you money, but it will also save the planet a bit.

Cut Your Soda Cans Into Adorable Planters

When cut and washed, soda cans can double as adorable and unique planters in your home. Just take it from this TikToker who breaks down how to reuse your cans, and make them a safe home for plants.

TikToker @impactforgood_ uses a can opener to cut off the top, then pokes holes in the bottom. They then fill a can with dirt and a plant, just like you would a normal pot.

Make A Cleaner Out Of Orange Peels And Vinegar

Cleaning products can easily stack up in your home, and so can the plastic containers they come in. To save money and be a bit greener, try this #ecohack from @mindfulgoods. They create a cleaner out of orange peels and vinegar, and pour it in a spray bottle that's reusable. It's a hack that'll make your home smell good, feel good, and do good.

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