These #ColdWeather TikTok videos are full of funny ideas to make the best of the snow.

TikTokers Are Getting Creative In The Cold Weather With Snow Volcanoes & Frozen Ramen

Oleg Breslavtsev/Moment/Getty Images

TikTokers are coping with recent winter storms by doing what they do best — creating hilarious videos. As a severe winter storm spread across the central United States the weekend of Friday, Feb. 12, many have endured freezing temperatures, icy conditions, and power outages. Although the icy weather is inconvenient (and in some cases, quite dangerous), TikTokers made the most of it by creating funny snow day challenges. To get in on the wintery clips, check out these #ColdWeather TikTok videos featuring experiments and challenges.

The storm peaked in many states from Sunday, Feb, 14 through Tuesday, Feb. 16, with temperatures hit below 0 degrees Fahrenheit in the central states through, per The New York Times' storm map. Most western and eastern states hovered somewhere between 0 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The severe weather resulted in the deaths of at least 30 people as of Feb. 17, per NYT, as well as rolling blackouts and disruption to COVID- 19 vaccine distribution. Some states like Texas are still coping with the cold weather and rolling power outages as of Feb. 17. (You can check here for how you can help people affected by the storm.)

Despite the damage and disruption due to the icy weather, some TikTokers opted to keep it light and provide some ~cool~ entertainment. The result is a slew of videos capturing hilarious efforts to make the most of the snow. As of publication on Feb. 17, the #ColdDays trend on TikTok has over 106 million views, while the #ColdWeather trend has nearly 5 billion.

You can easily pass an hour scrolling through the snow day clips, but to get you started, here are some of the most creative TikTok videos featuring #ColdWeather activities that'll make you LOL.

1. Clearing The Snow

TikToker Clinton Potter (@clintonipotter) created a challenge for himself on Saturday, Feb. 13 — clearing the snow off his car window. But the catch is, he wanted to keep the snow from falling inside the car. Instead of clearing it off with a tool, he moves his window up and down as chunks of snow fall off.

2. A Snow Volcano

TikToker @doaner888 opted to make a snow volcano. In the video, she mixes together baking soda and red food coloring. After mixing, she pours the content into a bucket surrounded by snow, which results in a foamy red “lava” volcano.


3. Turning Hot Water Into Steam

TikToker @knarlydesignsz showed off the the temperatures in Dallas, Texas, on Monday, Feb. 15, by turning a pot of hot water into steam. He holds a pot before quickly chucking the contents over his head. But instead of water splashing everywhere, it evaporated into misty steam.

4. Frozen Ramen

TikToker Nicki Baber (@nickibaber) showcased the cold weather in Oklahoma in a TikTok on Monday, Feb. 15. Making ramen noodles before heading outside with the bowl, she tests how long it takes for them to freeze. The first few seconds show the steam coming off of the noodles, but after some time, the noodles froze in place to the fork, suspended in mid-air.


5. Frozen Hair

TikToker @tiktoktonyg tested out a frozen hairdo. Going outside in the snow with soaking wet hair, he hung his head upside down and began to spritz water on his roots. Then, after a few moments, he stood up and showed off his gravity-defying hair, which had frozen into an upright position on his head.


6. Sledding

TikToker @seandreww posted a video about challenging his crew to sledding in the snow with a random item they found at Walmart. The result shows them sledding down a medium-sized snow slope on a table, a yoga mat, and an air mattress.


7. Snow Kayaking

TikToker @malinda.merryman recorded a clip of her friend "snow kayaking," which is really just sledding with a paddle. After a friend gave him a quick push from a slope, he sledded down a hill in a blue kayak. Catching some pretty good speed, he eventually came to a complete stop at the bottom.


If you can't get enough of the winter activities, you can scroll through to find even more videos. And if you're located in an area where the storm has hit, you can follow these tips from the Red Cross for staying warm during a storm, because filming a TikTok in the snow is fun, but staying safe is the top priority.