Bunny ear succulents from Etsy grow out of a pot.
These Bunny Succulents On Etsy Are Cute AF & You'll Want To Buy One Of Your Own

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If you’re a proud plant parent, you're constantly searching for the next green addition to your garden family. Lucky for you, there are adorable bunny succulents to buy on Etsy that’ll give you serious heart eyes. What’s sweeter than a little succulent that resembles a bunny? Not much, so you’ll want to get your online shopping done ASAP.

You might be wondering how a succulent resembles a bunny. Well, this cute plant gets its nickname because it has two green "ears" sticking right out of the top that make it look like a bunny's head. The more this succulent grows, the more bunny-like it becomes. Plus, the best part about growing succulents is they're super easy to take care of. Even without a green thumb, you can keep your succulent garden thriving.

Now might be the prime time to invest in some adorable plant babies, and Etsy has a great selection. While you’re browsing through the online shops, you’ll find an assortment of bunny succulent seeds and clay bunny succulents that require no watering at all. You might even find a few bunny succulents on Etsy to purchase for that special some bunny in your life. So, get to shopping and feel extra hoppy with your new plant babies.

These Bunny Succulent Seeds Are A Great Price

If you'd like to try growing bunny succulents, you'll want to get a pack of seeds. For just $5, you'll receive 20 seeds. The seeds are very tiny, almost "dust like," according to the description. But, with the proper care, they'll grow into adorable little succulents.

These Clay Bunny Succulents Are A Set Of Two

Since each order from this Etsy shop comes in a set of two clay succulents, it makes it easy for you to keep one and gift the other. Or, you might like them so much that you keep both for yourself. Note that these are made 100% of clay, so you won't need to do any watering.

These Bunny Succulents Grow Up To Eight Inches Tall

According to the item description, these bunny succulents can grow up to eight inches tall. They also only require indirect light for the first few weeks, so they'll easily grow anywhere in your home.

These Bunny Succulent Seeds Come With Simple Instructions

Choose how big you want your bunny succulent garden to be by purchasing 25, 50, or 100 seeds via this Etsy shop. Along with each order, you'll receive germination instructions that are easy to follow and will help you succ-seed.

These Adorable Clay Bunny Succulents Make Great Gifts

These tiny clay succulents make great gifts for your plant-loving friends. You can even purchase a two-piece combo and keep one for yourself, because they're just that cute.

These Bunny Succulents Are Ear-resistible

Purchase these bunny succulent seeds to grow in your indoor garden at home. They're available in 10 and 25 seeds per pack. Buy several packets to plant, and by the time spring comes, you'll have bunny ears popping up all over your space.

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