BTS' "Stay Gold" Video

17 BTS 'MOTS: 7 - The Journey' Instagram Captions That'll Light Up Your Likes


For the first time since 2018, BTS has dropped another full-length Japanese album Map Of The Soul: 7 - The Journey. It includes Japanese versions of songs fans already know and love, like "ON," "Black Swan," and "Boy With Luv," as well as a handful of new ones like "Stay Gold" and "Your Eyes Tell." Whenever BTS drops a new project, ARMYs' favorite thing to do is dissect its lyrics because the group never fails to give them meaningful messages in their music. BTS' latest record is no exception and its lyrics are so good fans should show them off on social media for everyone to enjoy. These BTS Map Of The Soul: 7 - The Journey Instagram captions will especially make your followers smile.

Journey is definitely set to be ARMYs' soundtrack of the summer. With 13 diverse songs written and produced by the group themselves, the album resonates with listeners of all ages and backgrounds. From themes of falling in love and showing courage in the face of adversity to fears of one day losing your passion, Journey is filled with a variety of messages that make the album so relatable to any listener. It's hard to pick the best lyrics because they're all so good, but here are some that are short and sweet that make them perfect for Instagram captions.

1. "In a world where you feel cold, you gotta stay gold." — from "Stay Gold"

2. "Your eyes are diamonds, more beautiful than any gem. I’m constantly captivated, truly." — from "Stay Gold"

3. "Stay gold, as long as you’re here. Stay gold, I don’t need anything else." — from "Stay Gold"

4. "Treasured memories speed up like this." — from "Stay Gold"

5. "I’ll steal your heart like magic." — from "Stay Gold"

6. "Your hand held tightly in mine. I don’t want to let go of it." — from "Stay Gold"

7. "When I close my eyes in the darkness, your light lights the way for me." — from "Lights"

8. "We can walk forward without fear, you and I." — from "Lights"

9. "You're my light. No matter how far apart we are, your light shines on me." — from "Lights"

10. "Even this moment has its own meaning, and we are connected by sound." — from "Lights"

11. "What is love? If there's an answer, I wanna know right now." — from "Lights"

12. "Stay by my side and laugh. A future without you is a world without color." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

13. "To face the past and the future/ It's nights like these that I keep on thinking." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

14. "To be loved, to love someone/ I’ll become your eye for the adventure that lies ahead." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

15. "Even the darkness we watch is so beautiful." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

16. "I want you to believe me, only looking straight at you." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

17. "You have taught me that someday, sadness will turn us around." — from "Your Eyes Tell"

BTS' Map Of The Soul: 7 ~ The Journey ~ is now available on all streaming platforms.