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These Nature-Inspired Boo Baskets Are Unbe-leaf-ably Sweet

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Any gift you give your best friend is always unbe-leaf-ably sweet and thoughtful. But that doesn't mean you can't look for some #inspo for their boo basket and see what cute, useful, or outdoorsy products are out there. Although you're pretty dialed in on the latest hiking gear or cork planters, you know these boo basket ideas inspired by nature are bound to have something new you've never seen before that your BFF would adore.

We here at Elite Daily have spent a little time dreaming about destinations, like a tropical beach and a beautiful garden. We've thought about what experiencing those spots is like and what items you need to experience them fully on the road, or at home. To say the very least, these boo baskets can create the same epic feeling of reaching the top of a mountain, or experiencing an Instagram-worthy sight with your own eyes.

Yes, our planet and the nature that fills it is anything but ordinary. Your best friend knows it and that's why they're always seeking time spent in the outdoors through camping trips, stargazing dates, and drives down to the shore. Put together one of these baskets inspired by nature, for a thoughtful gift that speaks to their unbe-leaf-able love for Earth.

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The Garden Basket

What could be more nature-filled than a garden boo basket? And your friend may love tending to the budding plants in their backyard or walking through a botanical setting in the city. It's getting so much colder, so they may be bringing their fave hobby inside.

Make sure your friend has everything they need to bloom in an indoor environment, including new seeds ($1,, a cork planter ($37,, and a cotton mesh produce bag ($8, Top off this basket with a leafy greens seed kit ($35, that will expand their garden, and give them a fun activity to do at home.

The Ocean Basket

Ocean lovers would travel to the shore every day if they could. If it's cold outside, then they'll just bundle up before adventuring to the saltwater and seashells. If your friend is an ocean lover like this, make them a basket with a cute towel ($59,, a retro-looking cooler ($30,, and an ocean sunrise-colored bracelet ($6, Snag them a salt and sea candle ($20, as well, OK?

The National Park Basket

Every single one of the national parks is on your BFF's bucket list. They may want to see at least one a year, and go on tinier hikes in between. Make sure they're prepped for those sweet adventures with this basket. It's jam-packed with a sports bra made of 79% recycled water bottles from the Parks Project and Girlfriend Collective collaboration ($38,, and a zipper pouch for holding their credit card and license while on-the-go ($10,

Add a Milky Way-inspired water bottle ($35, to this basket, as well as a scratch-off poster of the national parks ($31, for a really thoughtfully put-together present.

The Moon Basket

You and your BFF both can't get enough of the moon. You may have re-done your phone's layout with widgets that show what phase it's in, and they may have done the same. Surprise them with a moon-themed basket to channel their love of all things celestial.

It could include a hardcover journal ($23,, a pair of crescent moon earrings ($12,, and a lunar bath tea ($18, Finish off this boo basket with a lovely set of moon phase mirrors ($40,

The Mountain Basket

The mountains are calling your BFF and they must answer. Granted, they can wait to hit the trails until they get this boo basket from you. It might include a cozy terracotta tee ($36,, a chill camp hat ($24,, and and an abstract desert mountain print ($19, Complete this basket with a necklace with a mountain and sun ($37, that'll speak to their love of nature.

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