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Treat Your Fave People With A Cute Boo Basket From Etsy That's Under $25

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Treating your loved ones is sort of your thing. No matter what time of year it is, you like to pick up their coffee tab, get them a present just 'cause, or send them a heartfelt text message. In the fall, though, you have the opportunity to tailor your "treat" to the season with one of these super cute boo baskets on Etsy under $25. You read that right. These baskets are not only put together already, but they're also budget-friendly.

Giving your loved ones a gift has never been easier. You can pick between a selection of baskets that are filled with either candy, gardening supplies, candles, or Halloween decor. Then, you can add the basket to your cart, along with any other cute finds you come across for your seasonally-themed present. Once you've finalized the items in your cart, you can choose to have the items shipped directly to your fave people.

If you're typically stressed about finding the right size box, printing out a label, and getting your gift to a shipping location, this takes a lot of the heavy lifting off of your plate. It lets you focus on choosing the best boo basket for that specific person, as opposed to the timing and details of everything. Get started by browsing the boo baskets on Etsy below.

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The "You've Been Booed" Basket

First up is this boo basket that keeps it both simple and sweet for your niece or nephew. It includes a bag filled with candy, a kids' Halloween-inspired mask, and a skull ball. According to the Etsy listing, the skull ball has tattoos, bubbles, or even stickers inside. Your niece or nephew can also look forward to a bag of popcorn and a pack of apple cider or hot chocolate, chosen by you.

The "Dog Treat" Basket

Does your BFF have a pup they do everything with? If so, get them this boo basket that's a treat for them and their pooch. It comes with five personalized dog treats which are made of natural peanut butter, whole milk, and garbanzo bean flour, as well as five dog treats that say, "Happy Halloween." Your friend is bound to love your dog's reaction when they open this tasty basket, so don't hesitate to add it to your cart.

The "Autumn" Basket

Maybe your mom gets most excited for fall because of the apple cider goodies and changing leaves. This gift box is the perfect "boo" for them. Inside, she'll be able to find a soy harvest-smelling candle, chai spice tea drops, and sugary caramels that were made from scratch. You'll FaceTime your mom on a crisp morning to see her using everything you sent her way.

The "Halloween Spa" Basket

Set your bestie or sis up for a spooky night of watching Hocus Pocus while taking a bath with this spa basket. It has an adorable Halloween mask inside, as well as a pack of matches that are graced with a tiny ghost and made for lighting a candle. It's also jam-packed with a succulent which comes in a pot, and a jar of bath salts for a calming Halloween night.

The "Artisan Snack" Basket

The foodie in your life will appreciate this basket with all of its delicious treats. Each are hand-picked and would pair nicely with a glass of wine or beer. Included inside are a bag of olives, crackers, mixed nuts, and apple and date chutney. This particular basket would be a great pick for couples who love to enjoy at-home happy together, as well.