Baby Yoda
These Baby Yoda Boo Basket Ideas Tell Your Friends, "Yoda Best"


With the second season of The Mandalorian coming out on Disney+ in a very short while, The Child — aka Baby Yoda — has been on your mind a lot. What is he up to right now? Has he been eating soup now that it's fall, or sticking to the frogs and lizards? Hopefully, we'll get some answers in the very first minutes of season two. For now, you can recreate one of these Baby Yoda boo basket ideas for your friend who's anxiously awaiting the cosmic action, too.

Baby Yoda technically has "The Force" and could do some damage if you aren't on his good side. However, he's just figuring out how to use it, and clearly is too cute to spook. When he follows Mando around in the show, you always get heart eyes, because he appears so small compared to the whole universe he jet-sets around. However, it's also very clear that this adorable, green creature looks up to his loyal protector and knows that he's not alone when fighting the evil members of the galaxy.

You get the same feeling when you look at your BFF. You know that they have your back and are only a text message away, no matter where you both are in the world. For that reason, and because they love Baby Yoda, put together one of these boo baskets for them on Halloween. Each idea is, like The Child himself, too cute to spook.

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For The Baby Yoda Stan

Nobody loves Baby Yoda as much as your best friend, except for maybe you. So, this Halloween, you should get them a Baby Yoda stan starter kit.

This might include a baseball cap with a graphic of The Child on it ($25,, a sticker ($3,, and Funk POP! figurine of him using The Force ($10, A true Baby Yoda stan will also need this cozy pair of slippers ($27,, especially for when watching season two this fall.

For The Foodie

Let's be honest: Baby Yoda is a foodie. We've caught him eating frogs and sipping soup. Channel his love for cuisine for your BFF's boo basket.

Get them a set of bowls they can sip soup out of themselves ($32,, and a Star Wars cookie kit ($30, with eight specialty cutters and decorating supplies. Toss in a bag of green M&M's ($12, that they can eat or decorate with, and a Baby Yoda mug ($12, as well.

For The Nap Lover

We have to believe that Baby Yoda takes a lot of naps when he is tucked into his bulletproof shell. He's a child, after all, and is often quite tired after using The Force. Your BFF might love to nap, too, and would totally benefit from a boo basket with this Baby Yoda plush that's ready to snuggle ($13,, and this pair of pajama pants ($20, Top off this basket with a retro-looking Baby Yoda tee ($34, that your friend will want to wear every day, and a relatable pair of Baby Yoda socks ($15,

For The Gamer

Your gamer BFF probably already has a stockpile of Star Wars-related video games. But, that doesn't mean you can stock up their home with other tech essentials. For example, their boo basket can have a Baby Yoda holder for their controller ($25,, as well as Baby Yoda-themed Polaroid frames ($17, It can also include a cosmic phone case ($35, that's too cute to spook.