A young woman paints her face mask while standing in the city for a Halloween costume.

28 Clever Insta Captions For Your Halloween Costume & Mask

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This year, your Halloween costume will include an extra, extremely necessary accessory. If you're heading to an intimate, social distanced get-together outdoors, you'll wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. You should also have a few Instagram captions for Halloween costumes with masks on deck for all the snaps you capture.

Your mask will be a highlight of your #look — a piece that'll keep you and others safe, while having a social-distanced hangout in your backyard, and it's worthy of pointing out on social media. You'll want to show your followers how creative you were by painting your face mask with a pumpkin so that it looked extra spirited, or a mysterious smile that'll rake in all the boos.

As the pandemic continues to trouble the world, wearing a face mask is necessary during this particularly spooky season. Maybe you're wearing your costume to your living room, where you'll hang out with your partner all night and watch Hocus Pocus. Maybe you're heading off to surprise your parents and eat chocolate bars in their driveway while standing at least six feet apart. Either way, you're bound to crack a smile and have a one-of-a-kind night filled with positivity and passion for Halloween.

No matter how you style your mask into your costume, these captions will be a perfect fit and inspire you to post a photo on social media. Use them as you're safely celebrating the holiday, and sporting a look that's boo-tiful.

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1. "Do you recognize me with this mask on?"

2. "Masking up for the spookiest holiday."

3. "I promise I'm creeping it real behind this mask."

4. "If you've got a spirited mask, haunt it."

5. "You know what's really spooky? Not wearing a mask."

6. "Eat, drink, and wear a scary mask."

7. "My mask matches the pumpkins on my front steps."

8. "When even your mask knows it's almost Halloween..."

9. "I decided to add a few Halloween masks to my wardrobe."

10. "This mask is pretty fang-tastic, if you ask me."

11. "All dressed up in my Halloween mask to go to my living room."

12. "On Halloween, we wear spooky masks."

13. "Hey, mask. That's the spirit!"

14. "More boos and Halloween masks, please."

15. "Give 'em a scary mask to talk about."

16. "Wearing a mask isn't a bunch of hocus pocus."

17. "Slipping candy into my mask because it's Halloween."

18. "With this mask on, you can't even see my resting witch face."

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19. "Does my mask look too candy corny?"

20. "I'm thinking about wearing this mask even when it's not Halloween."

21. "Witch way to the candy bowl? Let me and my mask know."

22. "Oh my gourd. I'm in love with this mask."

23. "Hiding behind my mask like I'm a vampire or something."

24. "Wishing you a haunting night from over here."

25. "Here for the tricks and the treats."

26. "Life is scary. Find your boo and a fun mask."

27. "All masked up and nowhere to go."

28. "Warning: This mask comes with boos."