These Affordable Cloth Masks Will Keep You Comfy & Safe

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Shami Oshun
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When you first heard about the coronavirus outbreaks, you may not have even considered face masks would be a lasting thing, let alone the one thing you likely won’t be able to leave your house with for the foreseeable future. But, as the outbreak continues to surge, the necessary accessory probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if, like me, you’re tired of your simple medical mask or prefer a reusable one consider getting yourself some affordable and comfortable cloth face masks.

The Centers for Disease Control has recommended that people wear masks when out in public since shelter-in-place orders began in March 2020. For the general public, the organization says that cloth masks are the best to wear. “This recommendation is based on what we know about the role respiratory droplets play in the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19, paired with emerging evidence from clinical and laboratory studies that shows cloth face coverings reduce the spray of droplets when worn over the nose and mouth,” the CDC said on its website.

As for when the end of mask-wearing will be? It’s hard to say. “When the pandemic is effectively over — either because there is an effective vaccine or treatment that has been deployed, or because enough people have been infected that transmission is unlikely,” Dr. Jeffrey Shaman, a professor of Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University, tells Elite Daily. As of July 7, the coronavirus vaccine may reportedly be ready sometime next year, according to the New York Times vaccine tracker. That said, it’s best you get used to mask life.

Since masks cover nearly half of your face, you might as well make them ones you like wearing. Check out some of these cloth face masks that’ll keep you protected and are cute, to boot.

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Wrapped by Nellz has an extra special deal going on. Alongside the bold and colorful fabrics, you can also get a Head Wrap and Mask ($30, Wrapped by Nellz), so you can tie your whole look together. The masks also don’t have the nose wire, if you find that part of other masks uncomfortable.

Fringe is never a wrong move, and RexiCoUS is making this really cool Fringe Black Mask ($16, Etsy). You’ll definitely be making a statement with this piece. And since the mask is black, you’ll still stand out without having to worry about matching it to any of your outfits.

Tie-dye will never go out of style, and it’s so easy to pattern block with. For a groovy mask, consider getting one of Curvy Sense’s Tie-Dye Face Masks ($8, Curvy Sense). The brand has both multicolored and monochromatic masks available, so you can go as colorful as you want.

If you want to customize your own mask, CAAB Customs Fashion Mask ($26, CAAB Customs) allows you to pick whatever text you want in any colors.

Add some sparkle to your day with CottonFaceMaskStore’s Mini Sequins-Cotton Face Mask ($25, Etsy). The mini sequins won’t scratch or irritate your face, but you’ll still glimmer through your day.

Aso + Asa Masks ($21, Aso + Asa) come in a slew of different patterns in 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort. Whether you like something more understated or the most eye-catching print out there, Aso + Asa has a design for you.

For a serious arcade-carpet vibe, Look Human’s ‘90s Super Naturadical Face Mask ($14, Look Human) will take you right back to childhood. With images of aliens, Mothman, and ghosts on pastel fabric, you’ll have a conversation starter right across your face.

Nude is always a clean, sharp look, and Shami Oshun’s Fashion Masks ($30, Shami Oshun) come in 14 different shades. With every mask purchased, the brand will donate another mask to a facility in need.

Amadi’s Set of Two Reusable Face Masks ($24, Anthropologie) lets you pick two simple masks in one of its locally-sourced fabrics. There are floral, gingham, and plaid options, to name a few. These masks are made with elastic straps, so you won’t strain your ears while wearing it.

If you already have a cheetah print skirt, swimsuit, and shoes, why wouldn’t you add Pacsun’s Cheetah Print Face Mask ($15, Pacsun) to the mix? Because of its neutral tones, cheetah print can easily match with most clothes already in your closet, while still giving your outfit a little edge.

Whether you’re leaving the house to go to the farmer’s markets or just running to your local grocery store, GuineapigHandKnits’ Fruit and Flowers Face Mask ($12, Etsy) has an amazing selection of fabrics with lemons, oranges, and strawberries with flowers. These masks take floral to a whole new, citrus-y level.

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