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Shop These Wine-Themed Boo Basket Ideas For Your BFF Who's All About Grape Times

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Your bestie is always sending texts in the group chat like, "Does anyone want to go to the winery," or, "Have you guys tried this wine yet?" That's why you need to make the most of these wine-themed boo basket ideas, and give your main squeeze a present on Halloween that'll speak to their grape-loving soul.

A basket like this will ultimately show your best friend that you're thinking of them during spooky season. Not to mention, these products are far from overrated. Some are meant for a living room picnic that your bestie can have with you over Zoom or FaceTime. Others will give them a reason to take fall photos for their IG feed, and spend an afternoon moving around paintings, kitchen utensils, or stemless glasses in their home. If you want to get your bestie into the spirit of the season, there are even products that combine the best parts of Halloween with the tastiest parts of wine and wine culture. These few items feature a chilly skeleton hand or a whimsical ghost that your BFF's bound to adore.

It's up to you to decide what would make your bestie say "aww" the most: a wine-themed basket that revolves around the holiday, an experience, or their home. Peruse the ideas below, and then get to shopping.

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The Bar Cart Basket

If your bestie considers themselves a wine connoisseur of sorts, then they likely have a bar cart. It may have a few essentials like stemless wine glasses or soft napkins. Why don't you give them everything they need to complete this setup?

If you fill a boo basket with an ice bucket ($20,, a tiny letter board ($30,, and some wine glass markers ($10,, you'll surely take your BFF's cart from average to absolutely spook-tacular. A book on wine ($29, would be a great addition as well.

The Picnic Basket

This fall is all about having excursions at home, and that can include a grape picnic in your BFF's living room. Load up their basket with everything they need to get started, including a set of side plates ($32, for them to enjoy snacks like crackers, cheese, or olives, a throw blanket ($20, they can sit on, and a trendy cheese board ($25, that'll make their charcuterie dreams a reality. Finish it off with some soft-baked cookies ($30, and a sweet staycation candle ($23,

The Tasting Basket

Wine tastings are your BFF's fave thing. They love figuring out all the different flavors that went into a particular blend. Give their palate a present with this tasting basket that's jam-packed with printed-out wine tasting cards ($5,, a bottle of rosé ($22,, and a gorgeous waterfall wine glass ($16, Take this basket to a new level by adding in an eclectic spork ($18, for snacking in between a few, flavorful sips.

The Date Night Basket

Does your BFF love enjoying wine with their boo by their side? If so, put together a "Date Night" basket with sweet potato and miso soup ($8, from Daily Harvest, stemless glasses with skeleton hands ($25,, and a few coconut bowls ($21, for them to eat a side of pasta or salad out of in style. Toss in an aerating spout ($18, too, so the two wine lovers can really get into the art of wine while having their date night.

The Home Decor Basket

Don't let your BFF's home go without wine-related prints or chic goods. Set them up with a wine rack ($33,, this continuous line wine print ($4, which can be printed out and then put into a frame, and a cup ($52, which they can use to collect their favorite corks. Add a bottle of your friend's go-to wine to this basket for a present that'll speak to their grape-loving soul.

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