These "Which 'Bridgerton' are you" Instagram AR filters will match you with a character.

You Can Get Your Own Lady Whistledown Headline With These 'Bridgerton' IG Filters


If you've finished marathon-streaming Netflix's hit series Bridgerton and are already missing literally ~everything~ about the characters, hop on over to Instagram and check out these augmented reality (AR) filters inspired by the show. Designed similarly to the popular AR predictors that first popped at the beginning of 2020, these five "Which Bridgerton Are You" Instagram AR filters will match you up with a character from the series. From Marina to Philipa to Daphne, these predictors have plenty of options for which character from the saucy period romance best represents you.

Since its premiere on Christmas Day, Bridgerton has solidified itself as a fan-favorite. Like the books its based on, the show is full of gossip, romance, and, of course, Lady Whistledown's scandalous Society Papers. Whether you gravitate toward the Bridgerton or better prefer Penelope Featherton, it's hard not to watch the fantasy play out in Regency-era England without feeling transported to another time. To really feel like you're part of the action, you can now go on Instagram to see who you'd be in Bridgerton — or what your headline would be.

To find these filters, you look on the creator's account and tap on the smiley face icon on their grid to pull up their filters. You can also search for them by heading to Instagram's "Browse Effects page." To get to there, open your IG camera and scroll to the right until you see the magnifying glass icon. Then, from the "Effect Gallery" page, tap the search icon in the top right corner and type in "Bridgerton."

When you're ready to start using one, begin by recording a video and tapping on the card above your head. Then, you'll see it spin through characters until it lands on your match. Of course, these AR filters are random, so if you don't like the first choice you get, you can always take a video again (and again).

1. "Society Selector"

Created by the official Bridgerton Instagram account, the "Society Selector" filter starts with a purple banner that reads, "Which Bridgerton Character Are You?" You'll see options like Violet and Hyacinth Bridgerton and Penelope Featherton flip above your head as purple petals fall around you.


2. "Which 'Bridgerton'..."

This Bridgerton-inspired filter from @malaspraquetequero features a pretty motif in black and white that changes colors as the different character options spin above your head. The character designs have a more modern look to them, and you may get anyone from Penelope to Benedict.


3. "Which 'Bridgerton' 2.0"

Another filter creation from @malaspraquetequero, this version features a similar design, with the addition of AR stars and more character possibilities.


4. "Which 'Bridgerton' Is Your Match?"

This filter by @bridgertonstans features a gilded frame surrounding illustrations of the characters with their names in a cursive font. There's also a larger first name below each option, so you know exactly who you're matched with.

5. "Headlines"

This @bridgertonnetflix filter places you in front of a Bridgerton-inspired lake background with a banner in front of you that reads, "Your Lady Whistledown Headline is." One result you might get could be, "Someone traded up." You need to tap through the options to find the one you want to use.