These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Partial Solar Eclipse, But It Can Still Be Transformative

In the weeks surrounding the partial solar eclipse in Leo on August 11, 2018, every fixed sign in the zodiac will feel this transformative season shake them down to their very bones. Regardless of what happens, it's written in the stars that these zodiac signs will have the worst partial solar eclipse: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. If your sun or rising sign happens to be in any of these signs, prepare for this to be a groundbreaking astrological event.

There's no question about it: We're in the middle of one wildly intense summer. I mean, seriously, with the retrogrades of seven different planets happening at once, it's inarguable that this summer contains more cosmic turmoil than I think I've ever seen before. As if the retrogrades weren't enough, we're also experiencing one ridiculously dramatic season of eclipses, and if you're a follower of astrology, you know that an eclipse indicates a period of rapid change and transformation. However, the fact that so many retrogrades are happening at the same time as eclipse season results in one odd-tasting cosmic cocktail. On the one hand, we're supposed to be blasting through changes at the speed of light. On the other, nothing slows things down like a planetary eclipse (let alone seven of them at once). While it will likely feel like an incredibly weird time, find solace in the fact that it's all leading you to a better reality.

Taurus: You'll Be Forced Out Of Your Comfort Zone

To you, comfort is everything. There's nothing you love more than a day at the spa or an evening at home with a bubble bath and a Netflix marathon awaiting you. You also hold your loved ones closer than humanly possible. However, when the partial solar eclipse electrifies your fourth house of home and family, you'll likely find that your usual comforts are up in the air. Perhaps you'll be packing your belongings and moving into a new place. Maybe you'll find yourself welcoming a new member of the family. It's possible you'll also land yourself in some uncomfortable quarrels with your closest people. As uncomfortable as this all might feel, remember that your home is changing and reshaping to fit the person that you're becoming.

Leo: You Must Shed Your Old Self And Embrace The New You

You're a naturally stubborn person and you don't enjoy your perspective of the world changing without your approval. You're also very proud of the person you are, which makes it difficult for you to embrace changes to your appearance or your sense of self. This is why the partial solar eclipse in your name is here to help. If you hate breaking free from the past, an eclipse will do it for you. This cosmic event will push you to leave behind things that are no longer serving you, giving you the courage to grow and mature into the person you're destined to become. If you feel unsure of your decisions and confused about your new reality, trust that eventually, your world will become more awesome than it's ever been before.

Scorpio: You'll Realize That It's Time To Take Things Seriously

Anyone who knows a Scorpio knows that the fire of ambition fuels their heart's desires. You have your eye on success and you're not ashamed to admit it. However, your fast-moving concerns often contradict your desire to remain still. Change, as much as you want it, is also something you tend to fear. This is why the partial solar eclipse in your 10th house of career is a good thing, no matter how frustrating it will likely be. You may be forced to leave your job behind and look for a new one. You could realize that the career you've spent so long building is actually wrong for you. In the midst of so much chaos, try not to worry. This is a turning point in your story; an obstacle that you will overcome and become so much stronger for it.

Aquarius: Your Relationships Will Undergo Major Changes

It takes you a long time to commit to a person. In fact, your zodiac sign is known for being extremely commitment-phobic. However, many people misunderstand that you're simply taking your time before deciding on a person that you'll never give up on. This is why the partial solar eclipse in your seventh house of relationships will be quite a tumultuous time. You could find yourself being forced to sever relationships that you've long been committed to. You may even embark on a new relationship, which is terrifying (and exciting) in and of itself. However strange this may be, remember that there are still so many people you've yet to meet, and this journey is far from over.