Your August Partial Solar Eclipse Horoscope Is Here & It's All About Falling In Love With Yourself

If you thought eclipse season was over, you've got another thing coming. On Aug. 11, 2018, our sky will darken with a third and final partial solar eclipse in Leo, announcing the end of this cycle of transformation. If you're a follower of astrology or you're simply inclined to trust the cosmos at work, you'd know that a solar eclipse contains major meaning in our lives. They launch the beginning of a new chapter, open a door to a whole new reality, and bring you closer to the person you're meant to become. We all need a motivational kick to force us into the next phase of our lives every now and then. If you're as excited to know what's in store for you as I am, then your partial solar eclipse in Leo 2018 horoscope will be the glimpse into your future that you're craving. Look deep into my crystal ball, astro warriors.

While a regular new moon wants you to set an intention for the next month, a solar eclipse asks you to make a decision that follows you for a much longer time to come. Whatever happens in the weeks surrounding this life-changing astrological event will set the tone for the new journey you're about to embark on.

Although the universe always has a way of intervening, you have the power to shape and define the cosmic energy to your liking. After all, Leo is the zodiac sign of self-love. With Leo's roar echoing throughout our galaxy, it's time to unleash your inner-lion from that cage it's been hiding in.

Aries: Enter A New Era Of Fun And Creativity

Are you feeling your creative juices flowing? Are you aching to put your artistic genius to good use? Perhaps you just want to tumble through the playground that is the world. There's no better time than now to discover a whole new meaning of fun and pleasure. Put your worries aside and enjoy yourself. Life is short.

Taurus: Develop Your Home Environment

Do you truly feel safe and secure at home? Is there distance between you and your idea of "family"? You need a space for your heart to return to after a long day in the outside world. Redecorate and reorganize your living quarters. Reach out to family members and bring yourself closer to your roots. Rejuvenate your most authentic nest.

Gemini: Be Free And Uninhibited In Your Expression

Are you using your most authentic voice? Are there things you've been dying to say? Take time to find the right words to describe what you're feeling. Don't let fear hold you back from speaking your truth. Sit down and write. Delve into honest conversations. Your voice is healing. It's brewing something beautiful, so don't interfere with the process.

Cancer: Begin A New Financial Venture

Do you have dreams of wealth and success? Are you also afraid of checking your bank account? Money is the foundation of many things in this life. If you're not making as much as you'd like, time to concoct a financial plan to increase your income or save your money. Keep the dream of what you'll do when you're rich at the forefront of your mind.

Leo: Revitalize Your Sense Of Self

Are you embracing who you're becoming? Are you being true to who you really are? Growth involves letting go of our past selves and saying "hello," to the person we're becoming. Who are you becoming? This is a beautiful time to change your appearance, have a make-over, experiment with fashion, and take time to cultivate a confident image.

Virgo: Heal Your Soul And Forgive Yourself

Are there things in your past that you still obsess over? Do you feel like you're repressing painful secrets? The truth always comes out eventually. However, if you overcome fear and take initiative, you can control the truth before it controls you. Time to write down your traumas and burn it in a fire. Make a point to forgive and release yourself from prior mistakes.

Libra: Expand Your Circle Of Friends

Are you surrounded by people who love, protect, and inspire you? Do your social circles make you feel even lonelier? If so, it's because you're not spending time with the right people. It's time to make new friends, introduce yourself, network, and explore new social territory. Through new friendships, you'll find the opportunities you've been hoping for.

Scorpio: Be Bold And Go After Your Career Dreams

Are you projecting an image that you're proud of? Are you accomplishing all that you've been dreaming of accomplishing? Stop procrastinating and letting fear hold you back. Now's the time to make concrete plans to take your career all the way to the top. Ask for that promotion, apply for your dream job, and take matters into your own hands. Go big or go home.

Sagittarius: Embark On A Philosophical Adventure

Are you sick of your surroundings? Is your daily routine so monotonous that your head hurts? Time to stop screwing around and start exploring the great beyond. Travel the world, learn about new things, and try new endeavors. Replace your predictable reality with one full of surprise, excitement, and plenty of different flavors to choose from.

Capricorn: Reassess And Renovate Your Personal Life

Do you feel like your life is falling apart? Perhaps it's not so dramatic. Maybe you feel like a big change needs to be made? In order for you to wake up from your stupor, spread your wings, and fly, you need to be fearless enough to let go of your former comforts. With so much baggage weighing you down, how can you blossom into the person you're meant to become?

Aquarius: Forge A New Partnership With Someone

Are you yearning to forge a close and private bond with another soul? Do you desire a meaningful and committed relationship? Building up trust takes work, as it involves the courage to take a risk with your heart. However, as the old saying goes, it's better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Don't let fear hold you back from love.

Pisces: Time To Detox Your Mind And Body

Have you been stuck in a health and fitness rut? Are you procrastinating on tasks that are seriously piling up? The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Make a point to tackle one problem at a time and eventually, the work will get done. It all starts with one healthy meal or one trip to the gym. Starting a new routine is always the hardest part. The rest falls into place.