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These Signs Take The Longest To Reply To Your Texts, So Don't Wait By The Phone

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There are two types of people in the world: The people who actually text you back and the people who don't. You know which one you are. If you're a reliable texter, you tend to find the those who aren't flakey, inconsiderate, and downright selfish. If you're infamous for late replies, you're probably not selfish.; you've got your reasons for being slow to respond. Still, I think it's high time I call you all out, because these zodiac signs take the longest to reply to your texts: Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces.

If you're one of the following zodiac signs, you've probably typed, "OMG, I literally just saw this!" so many times that your phone is now using that line as a predictive text. You're known for dropping off the face of the world right in the middle of a conversation, just when things were getting interesting. You know you saw their text — you just told yourself you'd reply later... and then completely forgot all about it. Oh, and "read receipts"? They're your worst nightmare.

As an ordained member of the bad-at-texting faction of humanity, I say this in my defense: I definitely meant to text you back. I must've gotten distracted by the millions of other things on my mind. It definitely isn't personal.


Taurus: They'll Look At Your Text And Then Forget To Reply

You're a Taurus, which means you're typically a slow, succinct, and pragmatic communicator. It also means you prefer to handle one thing at a time. If you're being bombarded by a bunch of texts from a bunch of different people, you're probably going to feel overwhelmed and probably slightly annoyed that so many people are demanding so much from you. What probably happens is, you tell yourself you'll reply when you get the chance. However, by the time your schedule opens up, that text is the furthest thing from your mind.

Gemini: They Either Reply Immediately Or In 5-7 Business Days

You Geminis love to talk. When you're in conversation mode, you're running at 100 miles per hour and you're fully invested in the give and take that's involved with communication. However, unless you're completely zoned in on the chat, you're browsing through five different apps at once and swiping away your text notifications. The real issue is that you're so easily distracted because there are always a million different things going on in your restless head. If there's something shiny in your presence, you've already forgotten to reply.

Aquarius: They Only Reply If What You Said Was Really Interesting

You're famous for withdrawing from everyone and insulating yourself in your own little world. You love people and you love keeping up with your social life. However, that charismatic energy runs in bursts. Eventually, you get tired of everyone and drift away for a little while. Unless your conversation is incredibly gripping, you're already moving on to something else. If the conversation is getting tense or overly demanding, you'll avoid it for as long as possible, because who honestly has time for that?

Pisces: They Started To Reply But Then Got Distracted Mid-Text

You're a Pisces, which means you have the tendency to space out and live in that little dreamworld you've created in your head. Chances are, you had a really beautiful and imaginative reply in mind, but you started thinking about something else as you were typing, and unfortunately, that thought took over the reins. I bet your recipient was watching that text bubble pop up on their screen with anticipation, only to see it mysteriously vanish. If they know you well enough, they're used to it.

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