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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Kids At Heart & They're Never Too Old To Play Around

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The older I get, the more I understand why Peter Pan wanted to stay forever young in Neverland. I mean, when I was little, I had no real responsibilities other than to turn in my homework and entertain myself with fantasies and make believe. Those were the good old days. But what if the good old days aren't really ever over? What if you're still in touch with that childlike sense of wonder? Some of us understand this simple fact of life more than others, and they're probably one of the zodiac signs who are kids at heart.

If you were born with placements in Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Pisces, you'll take any chance to take a break from adulting and indulge in the innocent effervescence you had as a child. A day spent drawing pictures on the sidewalk with a colorful collection of chalk sounds perfect to you. You love watching your favorite animated Disney films over and over again. You'll blast pop music so loud that everyone on the road can hear you, turning in your direction only to see you rocking your heart out. When you're in touch with your inner child, you don't care what anyone else thinks. You've heard that as you get older, you're supposed to act proper, mature, and collected, but your only response to that is, "Says who?"

Sure, Peter Pan may have captured his youth in Neverland, but who says Neverland can't be found right here, right now? Here's why the following kid-like zodiac signs will never lose touch with their childhoods:


Aries: They See Everything Through Bright And Optimistic Eyes

Because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac wheel, they can be thought of as the "infant" of the zodiac. This doesn't mean they lack experience or aren't fully developed yet. In fact, what it means is that they will never lose sight of just how magical this world is. An Aries knows the value of a never-ending supply of opportunities to have fun and live a little. That's because an Aries always looks at the day as though it's the first day of their life.

Cancer: They're Just As Sweet And Sensitive As A Little Kid

Do you remember how empathetic and sensitive you were when you were little? A Cancer certainly does. No matter how rough or difficult their lives have been, they always have access to their warm and gooey center. Even if they've gained some scars and calluses along the way, a Cancer is never too guarded to find something adorable or sweet. They'll always break into childlike excitement at the sight of a cute cat or a romantic gesture.

Leo: They Have All The Confidence Of A Little Kid

When you were little, you had all the courage to create freely and put yourself out there. It's when you get older that you start worrying about other people judging you negatively. However, a Leo has never lost sight of the artistic pleasure that came with being a kid. Have you ever noticed how they're the first people to get on stage or put on a flamboyant outfit? That's because their inner child isn't even all that "inner." Instead, it's coming out to play.

Pisces: They're Always Nostalgic For Their Childhood

Kids can make any situation fun. Seriously, they can turn timeout into a game of imagination and wonder that destroys the whole purpose of being in trouble. Even as they get older, Pisces never drift away from their ability to indulge in their fantasies completely. They've always got a dreamland they return to and they're always trying to escape from the mundane monotony of reality. Is it any wonder they're always in the mood to pretend they're a kid?

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