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These 4 Signs Always Put Their Friends First, No Matter How In Love They Are

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There's something about friendship that goes so far beyond any romance. Your friends have been there for you throughout all your ups and downs, and they've cheered you on and cheered you up in the midst of it all. While romance is delicate and fleeting, friendship is a rock that can survive anything. Some of us understand this perennial truth more than others, and these zodiac signs always put their friends first, no matter what happens: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

You've heard this story before. You're spending all this time with a friend and having a blast being wrapped up in so much platonic love — that is, until they start dating someone. They're suddenly too busy to hang out all the time, too scatterbrained to reply to a text, and you feel as though you've been replaced by this new special someone.

However, there are those friends who'd let nothing stand in the way of your friendship. In fact, to them, your friendship is just as interesting, if not more interesting, than any romance could possibly be. Whether they simply understand the true meaning of loyalty or they genuinely can't get enough out of spending time with you, you never need to be in doubt of your friendship.


Taurus: They're Beyond Loyal To Their Friends

If you're looking for a friend who's so unapologetically and passionately loyal, look no further than a Taurus. They take their job as your friend seriously, and they're here to help build you up, have your back, and dedicate time to you. They don't call just anyone their friends either. It takes them time and patience before they decide to devote themselves to you, and once that happens, there's no going back. Any romantic prospect who falls for a Taurus has to understand that they're not their only priority.

Cancer: They'll Fight For Their Friends Until The End

Friends aren't just accessories in a Cancer's life. In all honesty, a Cancer's friendships are at the core of their identity. Without their friends, a Cancer probably wouldn't even know who they are. Having true and genuine friendship comes before pretty much anything in their lives and they'll be damned before they fail in the friendship department. Even though your Cancer will definitely fall head over heels for someone, they're making sure friendship comes first. In fact, they'll even make sure their lover is friends with you, too.

Sagittarius: Their Friends Are More Interesting Than You

A Sagittarius probably things that the greatest and grandest romance they'll have in their lives is with their friends. Sure, falling in love and getting married sounds romantic and all, but it also sounds unnecessarily stressful to your average Sagittarius. Friends, on the other hand, are like having all of the love without all the over-the-top commitment and emotional dependence. With their friends, a Sagittarius can be their wild and free-spirited selves and no one will dare to tame their energy.

Aquarius: Their Circle Of Friends Matters Most To Them

If an Aquarius were to disappear from the world and insulate themselves in a romantic relationship, they'd probably feel like there's something seriously missing from their life. Being part of a creative, inspired, and solid community is integral to their overall happiness. They need a space where they can surround themselves with plenty of likeminded people like they need air. Cooperating, learning, and growing with others is just how an Aquarius rolls. They love people. The demands of one relationship could never supersede their commitment to all the rest of them.

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