These Trump Impeachment Costume Ideas Are Peach Perfect

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Hopefully, you're up to date with the fact that President Donald Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry. While this is no laughing matter for the White House, there's no harm in some politically-minded Halloweeners using this drama to their advantage. For those still searching their brains for a costume, these Donald Trump impeachment inquiry Halloween costume ideas might just be the perfect fit.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Sept. 24 that the House was opening a formal impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. Trump responded to the inquiry by referring to it as "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT" in a tweet, and White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham told Elite Daily in an emailed statement that the inquiry was Democrats' move to "weaponize politics" and added there was "nothing new here." Since the announcement, the word "impeachment" has been on the tip of everyone's tongues. While the White House refuses to comply with requests for documents and current and former Trump associates testify (or refuse to testify) to Congress, the time is clearly ripe to both anxiously read the news, and to crack a few nervous jokes about the state of politics.

So why not take this White House drama and turn it into your 2019 Halloween costume? After all, this idea is not only hilarious, but timely, too. I've collected four impeachment inquiry costume ideas for you to check out.

President Trump's "Out Of Office"
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Even though most of us get pleasure from drafting an automated out of office reply, that's probably not the case for the president. While the impeachment process is lengthy, and Trump is pushing back to boot, he may not have a choice when it comes to marking himself away. A two-thirds vote from the Senate would remove Trump from office.

So, why not take that out of office reply and turn it into a one-of-a-kind costume? For this, all you need is Trump's traditional attire (jacket, white shirt, a red tie, and American flag pin), a Trump wig, and a hanging miniature chalkboard or pre-made sign with "out of the office" written on it.

May President Trump Offer You A Peach? Or A Mint?
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If you like to keep people guessing about your costume, this one will have people stumped — at first.

In order to bring this costume to life, all you'll need is Trump's normal ensemble (suit jacket, white shirt, red tie, and American flag pin) and a Trump wig. From there, just grab a peach from your nearest market and a tin of mints from your local drugstore. Voilà! You'll be the wittiest at the party.

A Real "Witch Hunt"
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OK, so this idea might be a bit of a reach, but if done correctly, it also could be kind of brilliant. In the weeks since the announcement, President Trump has called the impeachment inquiry against him a complete "witch hunt" by the Democratic Party. Even though he might have misspelled the phrase in an Oct. 9 tweet (much to the glee of the internet), he's still openly pushing back against the inquiry.

Dressing up as a witch is already a classic Halloween costume, so why not add a twist? For this costume, grab some classic camouflage hunting gear and add a witch hunt and broom to complete the look. For bonus points, buddy up with a friend in a generic Trump costume to really drive the point home.

"I'm Peach"
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Sometimes, the best costumes are the simplest.

For this costume, all you need is a classic peach costume and a piece of construction paper with the word "I'm" written on it. Pin the sign to the peach, top it all off with a Trump wig, and voilà. Im-peach.