The Solar Eclipse In Cancer Is Going To Be Especially Tough On These 3 Signs

Change hurts, right? Even the best changes are terrifying at first. You often have to give up something that once meant a lot to you, and even if it's time to let go, moving on can feel like you're fighting against every instinct inside you. This basically sums up why eclipses are often viewed with so much fear, because they come in and disrupt everything as you know it. But here's the thing about eclipses: They propel you forward on the path to your ultimate destiny. So keep this advice in mind mind when I say that these zodiac signs will have the worst solar eclipse in Cancer 2019.

A solar eclipse evokes change that begins within. You might realize there is an unexpected journey you must embark on. Maybe you'll find the courage to do something you've always been too scared to do. Perhaps you'll finally open up to others about a secret you've been harboring. Whatever it is, there's a strong chance you'll feel different than you were before. Of course, none of this is easy. When you undergo an internal change, you often have to change your surroundings to suit the person you're becoming. But know this: A solar eclipse always touches on the North node (which is the direction the cosmos are encouraging you to move towards), and because this one also forms a conjunction with the North node, it will definitely be the push you've been needing. Even if this is a difficult time, it's all for the best.

This solar eclipse will take place on July 2, 2019 at 3:16 p.m. EST, kicking summer off to a dramatic start. If you rising or sun sign happens to be in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, that drama may be painful.

Aries: You're Tuning In To Your Emotional Needs

Are you ready to dive deep in your heart and take ownership of your emotional needs? This solar eclipse lands in your fourth house of home and family with a splash, calling attention to aspects of your home life that may be changing. This could mean moving somewhere new, redesigning your living space, rearranging your family dynamic, and any number of things that have to do with the home.

Regardless of what happens, it's time to honor your need to care and be cared for. Where do you want your heart to live? Who do you want your heart to live with?

Leo: You Could Be Entering Your Own Secret World

There may be a very personal change in the works for you when this solar eclipse washes over your 12th house of spirituality. Since the 12th house has to do with everything hidden from prying eyes, there could be a secret that changes everything. Perhaps a repressed memory resurfaces. Maybe you finally open up to someone about something you've kept close to the chest.

Engage in self-care activities like journaling, meditating, or whatever you need to do to soothe yourself, because you might feel like you're going through these changes alone.

Sagittarius: You're Choosing What To Keep And Let Go Of

This solar eclipse could feel like a major transformation that begins from deep within. It takes place in your eighth house of death and rebirth, which means you're ridding your life of superficial baggage that is preventing you from experiencing true depth. This could mean becoming closer to someone or healing from a trauma that still haunts you. It could also mean finally paying off a debt.

Whatever form this solar eclipse takes, it will likely touch on some incredibly sensitive parts of your heart. Don't be afraid of feeling deeply. You're purging something that needs to go.