These 2 Eclipses Happening In July Will Put You On The Brink Of Major Change

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No matter how much you plan, prepare, or prophesy, there's really no telling what the future holds. All that's promised is the present moment, since the universe will always throw a curveball at you and force you to rearrange your path. Because there are two eclipses happening in July 2019, this will be a summer of dramatic and drastic change. Something unexpected tends to reveal itself when an eclipse occurs and there's very little you can do to prevent a shift from working its way into your life. My advice? Don't force anything to happen. Instead, sit back, relax, and watch as eclipse season unfolds. Who knows what will be?

Before diving deeper, don't let this news terrify you. It's true, change is scary and often unwelcome. However, if you spend your life sitting still, you'd never grow. Sometimes an eclipse is really just the push you've been needing so you can get out of your comfort zone and start making waves. Eclipses aren't always devastating, either. In fact, they can be refreshingly exciting, like the best news in the world. However, when an eclipse does prove to be a difficult experience, look at it as a transformation. After all, eclipses connect with the North and South nodes, which have everything to do with your ultimate destiny. Regardless of what happens during an eclipse, it's all speeding you up to where you're meant to be.

Total Solar Eclipse In Cancer On July 2 At 3:16 P.M. EST

In place of a new moon, there will be a total solar eclipse in Cancer. In essence, a solar eclipse is all about a new beginning. It can take the shape of a brilliant idea that sparks in your mind, a shift in your feelings, or the excitement to finally take the first big step. Whatever it is, a solar eclipse tends to be an internal experience. Sometimes it can be so powerful that you feel like a different person than you were before.

Since this solar eclipse takes place in intuitive and emotional Cancer, it has everything to do with how you empathize, nurture, and and protect. How can you take better care of others? How can you take better care of yourself? Forming a strengthening sextile with revolutionary Uranus, this will likely be a change you've long been hoping for. Because the North node is also in Cancer, this solar eclipse is holding hands with your highest self. See that the future is bright, because it is. Even though it will also oppose hardcore and disciplinary Saturn, it's only meant to show you what it takes to get to where you want to be.

Partial Lunar Eclipse In Capricorn On July 16 At 5:38 P.M. EST

Unlike solar eclipses, a lunar eclipse tends to be an external experience. What changes during a lunar eclipse tends to reveal itself tangibly, and while solar eclipses are about new beginnings, a lunar eclipse tends to provoke a sense of completion, as if something is coming to an end. Always taking the place of a full moon, a lunar eclipse is a moment of deep release, revelation, and possible even reward. However it manifests, a lunar eclipse means it's time to put something behind you.

This lunar eclipse takes place in ambitious, stoic, and committed Capricorn. It could mean the end of something you've been building towards for a long time, the shattering of a behavioral cycle that no longer works for you, or even experiencing the karma of your choices. This will likely be an eclipse that is rife with intense emotion and possibly even pain. It will oppose the sun, Mercury, and Venus, creating discord and uncertainty. It will also form a conjunction to the South node, which could bring up deep-seated issues you need to work through. Regardless, this will be a seriously transformative experience, as it also forms a conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, which will push you towards healing and maturity in the long run.

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