These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Mercury Retrograde, So You Can Relax

Joy to the world, Mercury retrograde has come! I hope you sense the sarcasm there because starting Mar. 23, we're gonna need a lot of humor in order to get through the next three weeks. If you've heard of Mercury retrograde but have no clue what it is or why it's so terrifying, I'll fill you in. It's when Mercury appears to be rolling back in its orbit around the sun. Since Mercury is also the ruler of communication, transportation, and technology, this reversal makes almost every aspect of life a lot tougher than usual. Although none of us will survive the madness completely unscathed, these three zodiac signs will have the best Mercury retrograde this time around: Cancer, Aquarius, and Pisces. If you happen to be one of these signs or you have your Mercury in one of these signs, you can take a deep breath and relax. You're one of the luckier ones. If you're not sure what your Mercury sign is, use this birth chart calculator to find out.

It's during Mercury retrograde that misunderstandings are bound to happen. We're likely to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, get into arguments, and feel frustrated in general. It's not uncommon for inconveniences like your car breaking down or your flight being delayed to happen either. Expect things to go wrong. Mercury retrograde takes pleasure in ruining our plans.

However, if you happen to be a Cancer, Aquarius, or Pisces, other aspects of your horoscope will make the madness a lot more bearable. Read on to find out what those are:

Cancer: Your Career Is More Powerful Than Anything

The sun in Aries entered your 10th house of career on Mar. 20, leading to plenty of prosperity and success over the next few weeks. Even though this is also where you'll experience trouble from Mercury retrograde, energy is working with you rather than against you. You have control over your fate and you are filled with vitality as you tackle one goal after another.

This retrograde will only add a few interesting challenges into the mix. While communicating with your colleagues might be trickier than usual and disturbances may make certain projects more difficult, you've got all the wherewithal to get through it. Just take everything one step at a time. Surviving these challenges might even cause others to look up to you at work.

Aquarius: You're A Smooth Talker

Your third house of communication is both powered up by Venus and dragged down by Mercury retrograde. However, the positive influence from Venus is far greater than any negativity from the retrograde. After all, this planet rules over love and friendship. For the next few weeks, you'll enjoy stimulating conversations with people and impress everyone with your wit. This will improve matters at work and fill your social life with romance.

However, for as gratifying as conversations may be, they'll also present you with moments of tension. These are opportunities to learn about yourself and become closer to others. You won't be able to please everyone but they'll still find you fascinating, regardless of how well they relate to you.

Pisces: You'll Make Money In Exciting Ways

Your finances are a breeze lately with the Aries sun shining light all over your second house of finances. Coincidentally, this is also where you'll be challenged from Mercury retrograde. However, the bumps in the road only serve in bringing you closer to financial freedom. Cosmic energy is infusing your bank account and career, making for new developments, ideas, and opportunities as you work toward success.

All you have to do to survive this retrograde is hold off on making any serious financial commitments at the moment. You should spend this time brainstorming, tending to obligations you're already involved in, and thinking of new ways to build your wealth. You'll likely come to some genius revelations about your finances during this time; just hold off on doing anything drastic.